Bungalow 8’s annual pop-up in Bandra ‘India via China’ Advertisement

Bungalow 8’s annual pop-up in Bandra ‘India via China’

It was inspired by the Met exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass

By ELLE team  October 22nd, 2015

Some of us remember the Met exhibition China: Through The Looking Glass for THAT Rihanna dress. (Don’t even pretend that you don’t.) But Bungalow 8 founder Maithili Ahluwalia took away bucket-loads of inspiration from it.

The store’s annual pop-up in Bandra is called India via China, and the Met exhibit offered Ahluwalia “a lens to look at our craft,” she says. Don’t go looking for literal inspiration though. It touches upon the similarities and differences in our crafts, sure, but in a broader sense. It’s essentially a starting point for their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Safe to expect brocades, high-slit dresses and Mao collars.

Keep an eye out for Jamini Ahluwalia’s jewellery which employs Chinese coins; this is the first time Bungalow 8 is bringing Sonam Dubal’s work to Mumbai (“he fit the spirit and theme perfectly,” Ahluwalia adds); Olivia Dar’s special collection is making a debut at the pop-up too.

October 22-23, Pali Village Cafe, Dr BR Ambedkar Rd, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai. Tel: 022 2605 0401