Burberry launches Cashmere foundation and concealer Advertisement

Burberry launches Cashmere foundation and concealer

Here's what you can expect from the dreamy new line

By Sara Shah  January 25th, 2016

Burberry and cashmere are synonymous – in more ways than one now. The brand just launched a Cashmere collection of foundations and concealers. The new foundation comes in 13 shades and it’s set in a slick, frosted bottle. The concealer comes in a sleek pen, in six creamy shades. Unlike the Burberry Sheer Concealer (which comes with a brush-like tip) this is equipped with a soft, spongy tip, which should make for easy blending. Expect cashmere-soft, creamy texture, and matte finish that leaves your skin looking luminous.

Burberry’s Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe shares her easy-to-follow, runway-inspired tips and techniques to get fuller lips, contoured cheeks and luminous skin: