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Burberry shows you 5 ways to style your scarf

Discover the classic knots

By Sahil Singh  October 20th, 2015

Tired of wearing your scarf the same old way? Us too. Burberry’s new scarf styling tutorials will help you update your look. 

The Bandana

Keep one side longer than the other, and drape the scarf around your neck. Loop the longer end. Tuck the shorter length under the loop and pull the longer bit over it. 

The Low Bow

Start draping the scarf around your neck; keep both the length equal on either side. Tie the ends into two loose knots.

The Tuxedo Fold

Begin by draping the scarf around your neck and making sure one end is slightly longer. Pass the longer end through the loop, and let it sit smoothly over the knot. 

The Fanned Loop

Nothing goes better with the trench coat than a Fanned Loop. Just fold the scarf in half before you drape it. Run the loose ends through the loop. 

The Waterfall Knot

Pull the ends behind you, and cross at the neck. Pull the ends over your shoulder and bring them to the front, and tie them into a knot; slide the knot to the side, and you’re done.