Bvlgari's new scent harnesses the power of the mighty tuberose Advertisement

Bvlgari’s new scent harnesses the power of the mighty tuberose

Mystical and intoxicating

By Kannagi Desai  December 16th, 2019

No one knows how to titillate the senses quite like Bvlgari. Its Splendida collection of perfumes was presented in 2017 with three varied fragrances – the Iris d’Or, Rose Rose and Jasmin Noir. They began 2018 with a new addition, Magnolia Sensuel. Now, we close out the decade with the Splendida Tubereuse Mystique to the collection. 

This creation represents twilight tuberose in the dark, a ‘Mistress of the Night’. The mighty tuberose, that only offers its notes after nightfall, has inspired many tales in India, Italy and other countries, just with its mere scent. It is one of the most powerful ingredients in perfumery.

Perfumer Sophie Labbe let the tuberose take centre stage. She composed this fragrance by delicately marrying the floral and natural notes of the tuberose with davana essence and vanilla absolute. Followed by lower notes lent to the fragrance by resin myrrh that leaves a powerful warm and musky trail in its wake. Some additional notes also include the flavour of blackcurrant. 

Take a whiff yourself and decide if this luscious and sweet scent is going to be your signature in 2020.