This brand new fragrance is set to be the new classic

Your first memory of fragrances is probably the scent of your mother, and chances are that tender and comforting scent was Calvin Klein Eternity. The powdery floral fragrance – a blend of carnations, lillies, sage, pink sandalwood and warm peppers- was created in 1988 as a tribute to the designer’s marriage. The vision of Eternity symbolised eternal love and commitment and featured models Christy Turlington and Mark Vanderloo in a romantic embrace on a beach with their wedding rings clearly visible. The top-selling fragrance, that is over 25 years old, now has a brand new rendering, Calvin Klein Eternity Air. The flanker captures the same romantic spirit of the original, but trades in the floral headiness for with a modern airy twist.

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Imagine what the first breath of pure morning air smells like. Now think of that energetic and hopeful feeling bottled up, and that’s the Eternity Air for you. The fragrance is a notch above from your traditional florals and strikes a perfect balance between feminine notes like peony with the warm sexiness of cedarwood oil. But it’s also got this unexpected perkiness to it that comes from citrusy notes like grapefruit, black currant and a signature ‘sky of the sky accord’ that smells airy, but dense. 
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This one’s for you! For every woman who multi tasks with a smile, wears her different and sometimes conflicts hats with aplomb, changes gears and steers her own direction. Yes, this one’s for you! When you put on those high heels and claim the town. When you choose to stay in with just your pet for company. Or to spend quality time with your little ones before you take on the day. When you cosy up to your partner… Yes, let its sensual scent embrace you and all aspects of your life. Like the Air you breathe, the CK Eternity Air’s sensual twist will remain with you, making memories as you live. 

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The Eternity Air Calvin Klein for Women and for Men captures the different shades of the atmosphere with sky of the sky accord – airy, yet dense – like the soft breath of a pulse. The two fragrances share a similar structure built around contrasts, based on an unusual blend of natural airy and energetic sensations. Inciting an exhilarating freshness, Eternity Air Calvin Klein encapsulates the essence of sensuality and the unwavering bond of everlasting love.

Both available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles. 

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