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Can You Date a DJ?

Take the quiz to see whether you match with Nina & Malika - The Electrovertz or Rahul Chhabria – DJ Chhabs!

Meeting friends of friends on Hinge is great. But let’s dig deeper…

We’ve moved into an age today where every second person you know is most likely a DJ, Music Producer, or in a band. An overheard comment passed at a social event in Bombay recently was – “If everyone’s a musician, who’s left on the dance floor?” While this may be the sad truth for us, what it means for you is that you have a higher chance of matching with a musician!

So take this quick, fun quiz that our friends DJ Chhabs (137 Friends on Hinge), and The Electrovertz (168 & 143 Friends on Hinge), took for us, to give you insight into what the quintessential artist looks for in their dating life. Who knows, you could be compatible with Mumbai’s Most Eligible in Entertainment.