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Can you survive without shampoo?

It sounds disgusting, but it could mean glossier hair

By Virginie Dolata  June 15th, 2016

The popular ‘no poo’ (or no-shampoo) movement is based on the belief that regular cleansers are harming our endocrine systems. Though there is no research to support this claim, you may want to consider other alternatives before you commit to a life of natural hair care.

Choose a sulphate-free shampoo…
Or pH-balanced shampoo (made from soft, vegetal surfactants) that is free of chemical ingredients. Unlike regular cleansers, they don’t damage your hair’s natural keratin levels and are good for the planet. (If you want a full detox, try these hair cleansers)

How to go ‘low poo’
Take some inspiration from blogger Jacquelyn Byres, who hasn’t washed her hair for five years. Benefits include thicker hair with more volume and reduced scalp dryness. Wean off shampoo by using it fewer times a week and switch over to cleansing with baking soda and vinegar once you settle into your new routine. 

How does it work?

• Brush your hair as much as you can, several times a day if possible, to spread the sebum right to the tips.

• Rinse with a mixture of baking soda or corn starch and water (which doesn’t lather). Once a week to start with, then once a month, then not at all.

• After a few weeks, you only need to rinse with water. Eventually you can stop that too and only brush hair regularly.

Become a conditioner washer
If the idea of smelling like a pickle with the shampoo-free regimen doesn’t appeal to you, then there is a smoother option. Just replace your shampoo with a conditioner. (Here are three DIY hair masks for extra hydration