Cara Delevingne is teaming up with Pharrell

She’s known for those famous eyebrows and her runway presence, while he’s known for making chart-topping hits. And now this dream duo is teaming up to make some tunes. Cara Delevingne has reportedly decided to take the leap into the music industry and she’s chosen none other than Pharrell Williams to be her producer. We’re already aware of Delevingne’s skills as a drummer; she’s always posting videos on her Instagram for her nearly eight million fans. The model, who wears many hats, is also acting in the upcoming movie entitled Pan and has previously lent her voice to Will Heard’s song Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine). Cara has reportedly been working on her music with Pharrell for the past eight months, and they are planning to drop an album without warning, complete with video and global launch a la Beyoncé. Take a look at other models who have dabbled in the music industry. 

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