PUMA brand ambassador Cara Delevingne on her journey to self-love

Cara Delevingne has always tried to be as authentic as possible—a decade into her career, if there’s one thing the supermodel-turned-actor has taught us is that it’s perfectly alright to embrace your individuality. Her recent IDGAF Instagram video confirming her rumoured relationship with Ashley Benson just confirms what we’ve always known—that Cara Delevingne truly isn’t afraid of being herself. The 26-year-old continues to inspire through her recent campaign with international sports brand PUMA, which is the epitome of what she believes in. The latest launch revives the PUMA Cell range with the new PUMA Cell Stellar that is designed for women.

In a recent interview with ELLE India to promote the campaign with PUMA, Cara Delevingne spoke about her confidence boosters, what fitness means to her, and why she’s proud to be exactly who she is today:

ELLE: This new campaign with PUMA is about embracing individuality and inspiring confidence; what does it mean to you that you’ve been chosen as the face of it? 

Cara Delevingne: It’s quite an honour to be chosen to be the face of this type of campaign. Individuality is something I’ve always supported. My Instagram bio says “Embrace your weirdness” and I truly believe that.


ELLE: Who according to you is someone that embraces their individuality and inspires you to do so too?

CD: I think someone like Lady Gaga really embraces individuality. How she arrived at the Met Gala and just owned her moment was just so inspiring.

ELLE: How has your journey with confidence changed? 

CD: I think I used to be way more concerned about what everyone else thought of me (i.e. reading Instagram comments) and these days I’m just proud to be who I am… whether people like it or not.


ELLE: What is the one piece of advice you’d give our readers who are looking to find inner confidence? 

CD: Do what makes YOU happy.


ELLE: What keeps you motivated?

CD: I like to surround myself with lots of inspiring people.


ELLE: How can one be the best version of themselves?

CD: Don’t be afraid to be different. What makes you different is often your best quality.


ELLE: How do you balance work and life?

CD: I use meditation to keep me grounded even during the busiest times.

ELLE: Who has influenced you the most?

CD: My sisters have been huge influences on me.


ELLE: How would you describe your style? 

CD: My style is definitely relaxed but bold. I like bright colours and weird prints. Definitely not the expected approach.


ELLE: What is the most common item in your closet?

CD: Sneakers are definitely the most common item in my closet.


ELLE: What is your favourite way to workout? 

CD: I really love yoga.


ELLE: As PUMA global women ambassador, what message would you like to voice to women across the globe?

CD: I want to encourage all women to be strong and to not be afraid.

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