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6 luxury watches loved by your favourite style icons

Rolex for days

By Hasina Khatib  July 7th, 2017

Maybe you like your timepiece to double up as an on-trend accessory. Or maybe you like your statement watch to do all the bragging for you. Either way, these A-listers have done all the legwork: Kareena Kapoor Khan can attest to the virtues of a Bulgari Serpenti, while Jennifer Aniston has a glamorous Rolex for every day of the week and no, we don’t mean that metaphorically.

Find the one that works best for your personality here, but maybe slap on a pair of sunnies before you do so as to not get blinded by all the bling that lies ahead. 

The watches loved by Kareena, Sonam and other stars

Victoria Beckham's Rolex fixation

if having one of the world's hottest footballers as her husband wasn't enough, Victoria Beckham doubles up on the arm candy with one of her many Rolex acquisitions, from the rose gold Daytona to the aqua Day-Date.

Kate Middleton's Cartier Ballon Bleu

Thanks to the British royal family, the Parisian watchmaker Cartier has been kept busy over the years. In keeping with tradition, Kate Middleton took a fancy to a medium sized Cartier Ballon Bleu during her Australian trip in 2014.

Sonam Kapoor's Bulgari Serpenti

And she isn't the only one to fall prey to Bulgari's many charms: Cannes veteran Sonam Kapoor picked a blingier edition of the Serpenti watch for her many nights out.

Kareena Kapoor Khan's Bulgari Serpenti

Trends come and trends go but Kareena appears to have sworn fidelity to her Bulgari Serpenti, pairing the versatile timepiece with everything from basic white shirts to slinky evening gowns.

Jennifer Aniston's Rolex collection

Over two decades on the top of the Hollywood pie, and Jennifer Aniston has a star-studded watch collection to show for it — Rolex Presidential, Rolex Datejust and Cartier Tank Francaise among other headturners.

Rihanna's Rolex Datejust

Rihanna and her then-boyfriend Chris Brown splashed money on Rolex watches to celebrate topping the US music charts. Chris has become history since, but the showstopper Rolex Datejust continues to shine bright on her wrist. We think the moral of the story is pretty obvious here, folks. 

The hottest watch trends to try in 2017

The humble wristwatch is a thing of the past. Indulge your sweetest desires this season —from pop-infused strappy numbers to elegant bejewelled masterpieces. 

Double-strapped watches are perfect for a fashionable arm party. We have our hearts set on this petite Baume and Mercier number.

From top to bottom: 'Aila Day’, Swarovski. ‘Petite Promesse’, Baume and Mercier. ‘Gc Twist’, Gc watches.

These watches work overtime—they tell time and could easily double as jewellery. Sign us up.

From left: 'Harry Winston Pendant watch’, Harry Winston. ‘Les Eternelles Monganite’, Chanel. ‘Kalla Haute Couture Pampilles’, Vacheron Constantin.

Leather straps are pretty regular, so why not switch it up with steel mesh instead? The woven metal links give the watch a modern feel and work perfectly for both men and women.

From left: ‘Tissot Bella Ora’, Tissot. ‘Guess Highline’, Guess. ‘Diamantissma’, Gucci.