Give dance yoga a shot with Natasha Noel

Yoga might look like just a bunch of stretches, but it’s a worldwide phenomenon for all the right reasons – it helps you sleep better (check out these four moves), there are a bunch of health food-based, yoga cafes around the country (we particularly love these) and it makes your body stronger (just like these 7 women who’re making strong the new sexy). For International Yoga Day, yogini Natasha Noel created a step-by-step dance yoga routine to get us moving. Also known as the woman who breaks into yoga poses in public places, her routines are appropriate for all skill levels. “I used to be a dancer so all my routines are inspired by what I feel at the moment, how my body wants to move,” says Noel. She is greatly inspired by Tamara Levinson-Campos and learns from her yoga challenges and videos. Have a look at the breakdown below:

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Happy Yoga Day!

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