Bollywood celebrities have taken away our right to be slobs and I, for one, won't stand for it Advertisement

Bollywood celebrities have taken away our right to be slobs and I, for one, won’t stand for it

Remember when you didn't have to put in effort to look casual?

By ELLE team  January 24th, 2018

While we thank celebrities for giving us things like make-up collaborations, fat flush diets and celebrity baby names; it’s time to draw the line. That’s right, we’re calling our adoration at airport looks. Sure airport looks gave us great concepts like sunglasses at night, layers in summer and monogrammed luggage, but it also took away the best thing about flying: being a slob. Yes, we know day drinking is the best part about flying, but day drinking in slob clothes was only acceptable at airports.

We see you Kangana, it’s not that kind of runway.

2017 10 24 PHOTO 7

 That’s right celebrities have taken over the airports. It’s now a photo-op. We suspect they just book flights every time they go shopping so that they can wear their new clothes. To be honest, we would too, but we wouldn’t get seen by thousands of people and that’s a wasted outfit. It used to be that you could show up in stained track pants and a hoodie for flights without anyone turning a head. Now, unless it’s carefully curated athleisure, you’re at risk of being put on the “No fly” list.

Just look at this person, her Instagram account was verified all but 12 minutes ago and this photo-gallery exists:

A post shared by Neha Malik (@nehamalik335) on Jan 10, 2018 at 6:30am PST

 Who do we blame? Can we blame Kareena Kapoor for serving us these looks?

kareena airport

But it’s not just our airports. It’s our gyms. A place reserved for ogling at people fitter than you, self-loathing and sweating through your clothes but having it be acceptable. Gone. Is nothing sacred?

gym stuff

To be clear, we’re not upset about what they’re wearing. It’s how they’re wearing it, that kind of coordination doesn’t happen with us common folk. When was the last time your sports bra matched your shoes? Is your gym bag even Gucci? When you change out of your gym shoes, do you change into Gucci mules? Why is there so much Gucci?


In Bebo’s defence, if we spent Rs 35,000 odd on a T-shirt, we would also wear it everywhere.

And imagine if you had to do that everyday. Put together different gym outfits every day and never get caught repeating. That’s a workout in itself.

What else will celebrities start ruining for us slobs? The airport, gym and parlour are already places you go to in your athleisure finest. Is your bedroom still safe?

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Apparently not. Who even owns matching pajama sets? We thought those were just figments of chick-flick imaginations and for whoever dressed these bananas.

Screen Shot 2018 01 24 at 4.11.22 pm

At least your doctor doesn’t care what you look like. Go forth, spread your germs. 

Uhm..why is the doctor dressed so nice?

Is there nothing left that we can do in our stained, out-of-shape, un-coordinated clothes we’re too attached to to throw out?

friends wedding dress

Guess not.