Celebrities before and after their stylists swooped in and saved the day

Do you ever look back at your old pictures and just ask yourself, “What was I thinking?” Over-sized shoulder pads? Handkerchief hems? Tights as pants? Well, it’s good to know that even celebrities who are bonafide style icons today — Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, for instance — have had these mortal moments too, as a flip through our archives can confirm. 

From questionable choice of fabrics (metallic polyester is not a good look on anyone) to bizarre silhouettes, there were some red carpet moments that, one could argue, were the first few missteps on the path to trendsetter status. A few hits with more misses, red carpet style did have a few dark years.

But these admirable women have managed to forge ahead, set trends and break rules in the process, with the help of their super stylists who are the not-so-secret power players in this high stakes fashion game. Take a look at their distinct evolution.     

Before and after: Style icons’ early years

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