Celebrity body image issues — 14 stars who’ve been honest about their battles

Being a celebrity is synonymous with being scrutinised for every move you make — whether it’s in your career, relationships or personal life, everything is openly dissected and debated. However, sometimes, it’s the stars themselves who come openly speak about issues affecting their lives, in a bid to create awareness. These celebrity body image issues blow the lid wide open on many taboo subjects, from post-pregnancy complications (as in the case of Kim Kardashian) to body shaming (like Sonam Kapoor has dealt with). 

Whether it’s brought on by the Internet trolls who feel body shaming others is a right they were born with, or the fears and insecurities of the celebrities themselves, it’s safe to say that talking about celebrity body image issues publicly helps countless women all over the globe relate and empathise, creating a spirit of solidarity.

From Sonam Kapoor to Kim Kardashian, here are leading Bollywood and Hollywood stars who have openly discussed body issues and conquered their fears, one at a time.

Celebrities who didn’t shy away from battling their body issues:

[Gallery id=”1236″]

How Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and company confronted body image issues:

[Gallery id=”71″]


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