11 gorgeous stars in swimsuits who prove there's no such thing as the perfect bikini body Advertisement

11 gorgeous stars in swimsuits who prove there’s no such thing as the perfect bikini body

Major inspiration ahead

By Manali Shah  July 18th, 2018

In a recent Instagram upload, actor Disha Patani looks stunning in an ochre swimsuit. All those hours in the gym have certainly paid off. We’re down to cheer Disha on as she enjoys a good exercise session and looks like a million bucks but let’s also remember that not everyone can — or wants to — maintain the physique she does, famous folks included.

We’re so used to seeing celebrities worked out or Photoshopped into perfect shape that we often forget that there’s no such thing as the perfect bikini body. How many times have you scrolled through photos and found yourself believing that you wouldn’t look good in a bikini unless you had a waist like Gigi Hadid or a butt like Kim Kardashian? Probably as many times as you’ve taken photos of yourself happily posing in a swimsuit, only to avoid putting them up because a stretch mark/ love handle/ bit of cellulite was showing. 

If this sounds all too true, we urge you to check out these 11 unapologetic beauties from Huma Qureshi to Padma Lakshmi who could teach you a lesson in body confidence.           

11 other celebrities who prove there’s no such thing as the perfect bikini body 

Ashley Graham

The supermodel is an icon of body positivity and has even designed a collection for different body sizes so that other women can feel confident and follow her example.

Kris Jenner

Mama Jenner taking a mirror selfie while wearing a bikini with a cape is #lifegoals. Khloe Kardashian rightly captioned it: 'Kris Jenner looking like a snack' reminding everyone that the mother of six is proof that there's no age limit on feeling sexy.   

Huma Qureshi

The actor can pretty much rock everything from a pantsuit to a lehenga. And swimwear is no exception. A total water baby, she doesn't let conventional beauty norms stop her from having a good time in the pool.

Liza Golden-Bhojwani

The plus-size model's Instagram bio reads: 'Travelling the world, one bikini at a time'. Liza is a body image activist who has a collection of pretty bikinis we're honestly tempted to raid.

Nicole Byer

The actor and comedian flaunts her body, cellulite and tattoos included, with cheeky captions on Instagram. On a recent bikini photo, she wrote: 'You better believe this #brave #bikini is so stretched out you can barely tell it’s checkered... you better believe the black is so stretched out it’s gray. You better believe the spandex holding this together is living on a prayer. #verybrave #sofatsobrave#veryfatverybrave #veryfat #sofat'

Bani J

She has worked hard towards building the muscles she proudly flexes today. But the journey has been peppered with body-shaming comments like 'Have you grown a penis yet?'. The heavily tattooed former Roadies contestant and VJ is a poster child for living your life on your own terms while the haters fall by the wayside.

Shikha Talsania

By sporting a swimsuit in Veere Di Wedding, Shikha (extreme left) broke stereotypes of what an actor should look like, and also what plus sized actors should wear (or in this case, shouldn't wear).

Nidhi Sunil

Despite walking the ramp and being on magazine covers multiple times, model Nidhi Sunil was trolled on Instagram for being dark-skinned. Obviously, Nidhi has not let that bother her. Here's her lounging about in a bikini, as if saying, 'Take that, haters'.

Navreet Josan

A bodybuilder who's also a make-up artist. Talk about turning a stereotype on its head.

Winnie Harlow

Growing up with the skin condition vitiligo, Winnie has experienced bullying (she was called a cow, zebra, etc), and even contemplated suicide. But she's turned her life around. As a former America's Next Top Model contestant and model, she's constantly redefining beauty ideals.

Padma Lakshmi

Think women of a 'certain age' should stick to modest clothing? Padma Lakshmi is here to break rules. As a 47-year-old, the TV personality and cookbook author often wears bikinis, despite the visible scars, which she's rather proud of.