14 celebrity-approved hairstyles to counter the monsoon's humidity Advertisement

14 celebrity-approved hairstyles to counter the monsoon’s humidity

Don't let it rain on your parade

By ELLE India  June 19th, 2018

With the rainy season upon us, it goes without saying that your hair is going to react — and not in a good way. The high humidity levels will make your hair frizzier than usual, and we’re predicting a lot of bad hair days on the horizon. While anti-frizz products and the desi coconut oil are the best way to give humidity a run for its money, we also recommend changing your usual hairstyle and opting for something that will not make you look a zombie. From Deepika Paudkone to Sonam Kapoor, save these celebrity-approved hairstyles for rainy days… literally.

While girls with medium to long hair can try various hairstyles like the mermaid fishtail braid, the wrap-around high ponytail and topknot buns, those with shorter length can opt for loose chignons and low buns. Check out our gallery for stylish hairstyles that will take you from day to night, while keeping your frizzy hair at bay.

14 monsoon hairstyles to combat humidity: 

Half pulled back hairstyle

Alia Bhatt keeps it classic with her centre-parted hair pulled back halfway. This hairstyle ensures the top part of your hair stays tamed. 

Picture courtesy: @stylebyami/Instagram

Topknot bun

Anushka Sharma's casual topknot bun is an effortless style to pull off for those with long hair.

Picture courtesy: @anushkasharma/Instagram

Wrap around high ponytail

Deepika Padukone's hairstyle is perfect for girls with curly hair who want a clean look. Opt for a tighter ponytail if you're prone to flyaways.

Picture courtesy: @shaleenanathani/Instagram

Sleek low ponytail

A chic hairstyle that will take you from day to night; ideal for girls with long, straight hair.

Picture courtesy: @shaleenanathani/Instagram

Fishtail mermaid braid

Braids are the simplest way to keep your hair in place, and this fishtail mermaid braid will become your favourite, especially if you have really long hair.

Picture courtesy: @dishapatani/Instagram

Puff ponytail

Work your frizzy and wavy hair to your advantage with this puff ponytail.

Picture courtesy: @shaleenanathani/Instagram

Messy topknot bun with bangs

Highlight your fringe like Disha Patani and tie up your long tresses into a messy bun for a casual look.

Picture courtesy: @dishapatani/Instagram

Sleek low bun

This one is really simple to pull off and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Picture courtesy: @stylebyami/Instagram

Messy fishtail mermaid braid

If you have unevenly-cut hair, opt for a messy fishtail mermaid braid like Madhuri's. Keep the braid loose so that it looks like it's on purpose, and use pins to push back your bangs so that the attention is on your face.

Picture courtesy: @stylebyami/Instagram

Loose chignon

For girls with short hair, pull your hair into a simple low chignon for an elegant look.

Picture courtesy: @stylebyami/Instagram

Braided updo

Give your basic bun an upgrade with braids on both sides. Feeling experimental? Add a hair accessory like Shilpa to give it a classy makeover.

Picture courtesy: @mohitrai/Instagram

High ponytail with multiple cuffs

An easy-to-manage hairstyle for girls with unmanageable hair. Using hair cuffs will keep your mane tamed and in place.

Picture courtesy: @mohitrai/Instagram

Messy low updo

Part your hair from the centre, and then twist it into a low bun. Pull out strands of hair to add to your messy look.

Picture courtesy: @bbhiral/Instagram

Picture courtesy: @bbhiral/Instagram

Picture courtesy: @dishapatani/Instagram

Sleek topknot bun

Shilpa's topknot bun is an elegant choice for girls with curly hair.

Picture courtesy: @mohitrai/Instagram

Picture courtesy: @rheakapoor/Instagram