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How to get cheekbones like Pooja Hegde

Celebrity make-up artist Rosario Belmonte is giving away his secrets

By ELLE team  November 25th, 2016

Pooja Hegde posing against the background of Aspendos’ ancient amphitheatre in Turkey deserves its own moment in fashion history. But apart from her exquisite Indian couture wardrobe, Pooja’s cheekbones — a marvel of genetics and a make-up artist’s brush — had us staring at this photo longer than we’d like to admit. Like any good Samaritan, we realised it’s our duty to find out just how you can achieve a similar result. Here’s what celebrity make-up artist Rosario Belmonte has to say.

ELLE: The nation wants to know! What’s the contouring technique you used on Pooja’s cheekbones? 

Rosario Belmonte: Before starting with my highlight and contour, I prepped the skin and applied a base using two different colours of foundation to create depth. Then I set the contour with a powder. For highlighting, I always use a MAC cream highlighter.

ELLE: What products would you recommend for Indian skin?

RB: I love the Bobbi Brown foundation sticks and the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette (Sephora) for the Indian skin tone.

ELLE: What mistake do people make when trying to highlight their cheekbones?

RB: I’ve seen people use highlight too close to the eyes. Highlight is meant to sit on the part of the cheekbone where light would naturally hit your face.