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5 natural beauty remedies loved by Kareena, Katrina and more

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s remedy to prevent hair fall is delicious

By ELLE team  November 6th, 2017

Home remedies are like family heirlooms, except they come tried and tested by generation after generation. There are those ingredients which pretty much everybody can agree upon and then there are those recipes customised for specific skin types. If you’re one of those people with sensitive skin, you may want to opt for home ingredients which can prove to take less of a toll on your skin.

The ingredients are readily available and the processes are fairly easy. Bollywood is already behind these DIY home-remedies for better skin and hair. Just check out Sonam Kapoor’s favourite homemade mask for getting rid of a tan. Or Kareena Kapoor Khan’s smart yet simple hair loss prevention trick. Most importantly, these remedies come approved by Indian aunties, who we all know are harder to please.

5 DIY beauty remedies loved by your favourite celebrity:

Try it if: You have dull skin

If you love sweet-smelling face masks, try this fruity one for glowing skin. “Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and C. Blend it into a juice and add ginger, curry leaves and then add honey to the leftover pulp and put this on for 15 minutes for natural, luminous skin,” instructs Sharad. 

Avoid: Lime, garlic and tomatoes

Sharad warns us against using home remedies like lime, garlic cloves and tomatoes which are used to brighten and calm inflamed skin. A lot of people go to Dr. Sharad to treat scars caused by the misuse of home remedies. Ingredients like lime can react to sunlight when used on the skin and cause phytophotodermatitis – a condition that burns the skin and leaves nasty marks. 

Try it if: You have a troublesome under-eye

Use a drop of coconut oil or desi ghee on your under-eye to treat fine lines,” says Sharad. Since the skin there is the thinnest, dab it on gently instead of rubbing it into the skin. “You can also cut an aloe vera stalk in half and apply the gel if you need to hydrate dry under-eyes,” adds Sharad.

Try it if: You’re tanned from a holiday

Beach vacations are great, but a fading tan? Not so much. Sharad recommends you treat the damage by gently rubbing a slice of papaya over your skin or simply by applying yoghurt all over. If you’ve got oily skin, make sure you mix turmeric with yoghurt so it won’t clog your pores. Don’t scrub hard or you’ll end up causing more harm to your skin.

Try it if: You have acne

Got a bout of adult acne or a huge, red zit just in time for a big event? “Mix a small spoon of turmeric with rose water to make a paste and spread it over the affected areas and rinse after 15 minutes. It’s an age-old remedy for redness or irritated skin since it has antiseptic and healing properties,” says Sharad. Make sure you don’t apply make-up for at least six hours after this or you might get a bitter reaction.