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10 celebrity tips to pack smart for your holiday

Trust frequent fliers Nimrat Kaur and Diana Penty

By ELLE team  December 28th, 2016

Packing right can be the difference between an easy, breezy vacay and a panicked one. From actresses Diana Penty and Nimrat Kaur to celebrity stylist Allia Al Rufai and model Kanishtha Dhankar, these frequent flyers show you how it’s done.

How to pack light for your vacation

Kanishtha Dhankhar, model

“Plan your wardrobe so you don’t end up packing what you don’t need. And always roll your clothes; don’t fold them. It creates massive space in the suitcase.”

Bianca Hartkopf, make-up artist

“Invest in a round, hot-air brush. You won’t need to lug around a bulky hairdryer and brush separately. Plus, it gives you gorgeous holiday hair.”


Diana Penty, actress

“Unless I’m going somewhere really remote, I don’t carry bulky toiletries. If I’m travelling to a city, I stock up when I get there.”

Nimrat Kaur, actress

“I never carry my valuables on me, I hide them in the deepest pocket of my luggage. same rule for emergency cash.”

Nikhil Thampi, designer

“I love suede shoes and watches, so I use layered packing to protect both. I put the timepieces in my socks, then stuff the socks in shoes, and then pack shoes in a shower cap.”

Anushka Menon, photographer

“Carry basics like a T-shirt that you can wear with everything, so you don’t overpack. The less you carry, the more room for holiday shopping.”

topshop skirt t shirt large

Allia Al Rufai, stylist

“Compartmentalise everything in pouches for backpack travel. Just remove the required pouch instead of rummaging through your entire bag.”

Manjari Verma, entrepreneur

“Pour your toiletries into miniature bottles bought at any general store; they’re actually smaller than most ‘branded’ travel sizes and can last up to two weeks.”

Roohi Jaikishan, entrepreneur

“It’s common to pack jewellery in velvet pouches. But I put in in a PVC bag first as this avoids tarnishing.”

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