5 insane beauty therapies that Sonam Kapoor, Kim Kardashian and other stars swear by Advertisement

5 insane beauty therapies that Sonam Kapoor, Kim Kardashian and other stars swear by

How far is too far to go for tighter skin?

By Hasina Khatib  June 23rd, 2017

Celebrities are creatures of the limelight, constantly living under the unforgiving high-powered camera lens. The unrelenting scrutiny is enough to set anyone on edge, and A-listers are only human. At least, that’s the logic that we’re feeding ourselves so as to go to bed peacefully every time news breaks of an avant-garde facial that requires you to shed blood in order to get that Kim Kardashian-like radiant glow. 

In ascending level of squeamishness, here’s what your favourite celebrities are willing to do for that photo-ready visage. 

Unusual beauty therapies that celebs love

Leech facials

Miranda Kerr’s flawless skin comes with heavy upkeep: The supermodel regularly undergoes leech facials, a treatment that is exactly as cringe-inducing as it sounds. First, live leeches are placed on your face, then the blood they consume is spread over it like a mask to help tighten your skin and leave you looking young and (hopefully) with a couple of Miranda’s pricey endorsements.

Vampire facials

Remember the Hygge-inducing bliss that accompanies a soothing facial date with your girl squad? Good luck holding on to that once you see Kim Kardashian West’s salon itinerary. The reality star has eschewed the usual powdery paste in exchange for the chance to have her face stabbed with vials of her own blood. You can keep your anti-ageing concoctions; Kim will only put her faith in her own blood, thank you very much.

Mid-air laser treatments  

When you’re an enterprising reality star with millions to make, time is of the essence. A fact that Kim understands very well; the ever-efficient mother of two just cleared up time in her schedule by getting her laser appointments brought to her… 39,000 feet above the ground. “Most people just think I have good genes. So I want to introduce you to my good genes who I travel with... Dr. Ourian,” she laughed in a Snapchat video before slapping on protective goggles and letting the good doctor do his work. 

The Viva Mayr diet

Nestled in Austria, the Viva Mayr clinic has developed a cult-like following across the world by delivering on its promise to leave you feeling lighter and radiant — Parineeti Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra are regular patrons. So what do you have to do once you’ve parted with a small fortune? The Viva Mayr diet is constructed on one gospel truth: The more energy you put into chewing, the lesser portions you eat. To that end, the clinic serves up stale bread to its A-list clientele as it necessitates each mouthful to be chewed at least 30 times. It gets better. A steady diet of Epsom salts in water and the occasional colonic irrigation ensures an unhealthy amount of time spent in the toilet.  


Definitely not for the faint of heart. Originally a medicinal practice, the treatment involves placing glass cups — which are heated via a mechanical pump — on the body; as the air inside the cup cools, a vacuum is created which makes the skin rise, often leaving behind telltale marks. Celebrities like Freida Pinto and Gwyneth Paltrow have taken to the treatment for flushing out toxins from their skin.