Champagne and french fries is what you need to serve at your next ‘adult’ party

In the latest bad and boujee move, it’s officially cool to pair your fries with a side of bubbly. That’s right, some may even go so far as to call it classy. So while you’ve been acting baller with that champagne flute at the club and then shame-eating the greasy stuff after, someone decided that you should do both Champagne and fries. At the same time. And it’s a thing.

The high-low pairing is apparently the ideal combination, according to tastemakers. Marie-Christine Osselin, Moët & Chandon’s wine quality and communication manager is endorsing the union, insisting that the saltiness and crunchiness of the fries can best complement Champagne’s zesty acidity and its fine bubbles. 

But before you decide to display your newly ‘refined’ taste buds you may want to ditch the loaded fries. Osselin says when it comes to wine pairing, “Champagne is a wine that asks for simple ingredients, no more than three,” she said.”

It’s so perfect that a New Orleans’ restaurant offers this combination on its menu. The dish was adopted after someone at Veuve Cliquot told the owner of the restaurant that it was one of his favourite pairings. We don’t need to be told twice but just in case: That’s double credibility from people who know. 

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Even Food & Wine’s longtime wine editor Ray Isle also agrees. “I’ve been saying this for years, as have many, many sommeliers. Basically, salt and fat plus high acid and bubbles equals a great combo.” 

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This makes sense, we already know salty foods make great bar snacks. We also know that soda — which is bubbly — and fries go great together. And who doesn’t crave fries after a night of heavy drinking? Whichever way we look at it, our deductive powers are telling us to stop by McDonald’s on our next night out. 

French Fries image courtesy: Flickr, Lorena Cupcake

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