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Coco Crush Marks Chanel’s Foray Into Fine Jewellery In India

We're definitely crushing on this line

By Nishtha Bhalla  February 26th, 2021

With century-old design language, modern finishing, and a regal aura that screams luxury, Chanel’s legacy largely remains unmatched. After making waves in the fashion world, and more recently, high jewellery, the French fashion house made its way into fine jewellery in 2015, with its line, Coco Crush on foreign shores. And after garnering tons of international success, it seems like the gods of fine jewellery have smiled upon us – since the collection has recently had its Indian debut.

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Embodying the spirit of Gabrielle Chanel, who borrowed the quilted motif from the equestrian world to satisfy her need for comfort at all times, Coco Crush features a ‘quilted’ line of rings, bangles and earrings, essentially redefining the use of a heritage motif in fine jewellery. The fine jewellery line isn’t just static either; it signifies an attitude and an impulse. A spirit that says no to established paths, to rules, to anything that restricts the joy of life, love and creation. It is a free spirit.

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And the spirited design of the line conveys just that – by fusing lines and movement, softness and strength, roundness and rigour, Coco Crush jewellery is simple yet striking. The pieces themselves, too, are versatile, stackable, and can easily be mixed and matched – and in an era where stacking jewellery is all the rage, we couldn’t be more excited. The quilted pattern that defines each piece is emphasised by successive arcs of gadroons, which combine sharp incisions with smooth contours.

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Aside from the meticulous hand-polishing that makes sure the pieces perfectly reflect light, the collection has also been broadened to pieces available in options of 18K yellow gold, white gold or beige gold. And, fun fact: In the line of chunky hand baubles, mini versions of the Coco Crush rings were also introduced as must-haves for any modern-day jewellery box. We love to see it. Swipe through for a quick look at the collection that’s available in India:

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