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7 facts about Chanel’s latest show that will amaze you

From waterfalls to jungles, the Paris Fashion Week show was another of Chanel's famous spectacles

By Natasha Bird  October 4th, 2017

If you’re yet a stranger to the Chanel show sets, it’s seriously a wonder. Karl Lagerfeld has been treating his fashion week audiences to jaw-droppingly spectacular runway landscapes for season upon season. Let’s not forget the time he ferried all the fashion-famous into Cuba, at the lifting of the American embargo in 2016, or last season when he had a life-sized rocket ship take off inside the Grand Palais.

For the display of his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, the German designer and Chanel Creative Director, took his audience on holiday to a mystical destination in the tropics.

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Held once again in the Grand Palais, front row celebrities and fashion editors alike stared wide eyed at the runway, which snaked around a large cliff, from which waterfalls gushed into pools down below. For those who like a little detail, here are some facts about this latest display in set design opulence:

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1. The landscape was a massive 85 metres long in total.

2. There was a total of six waterfalls (ranging between 9 and 15 metres high).

3. The set and all of its constituent parts took two months to manufacture and engineer.

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4. It took 9 days to set up at the Grand Palais.

5. The volume of water used throughout was equivalent to that of a 25 metre (competition length) swimming pool.

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6. The waterfalls were self-supplying, the water pumping in a cycle around a closed circuit.

7. At the end of the show, the water will flow back into the Paris sewer system and recycled into a source of energy, or to water fields in the Paris region.