This Chanel fitness gear is here to save you from being unfit... and unfashionable Advertisement

This Chanel fitness gear is here to save you from being unfit… and unfashionable

It's time to stretch those sartorial muscles

By ELLE team  January 22nd, 2018

Chanel fitness gear this season is going to have you stretching more than your limbs, get ready to work that fitness budget. In the likely event that your exorbitant gym membership isn’t motivating you to hit the gym, Chanel has previewed their sports products to encourage you to get into shape. Everything seems more crucial when the fashion gods are watching.

The luxury brand’s yearly release of sports accessories is a chance for Chanel fanatics to get decked out in couture for the court. As you can imagine, the line is super chic, none of those neon sporty colours one expects to see while breaking a sweat. We wouldn’t dare sweat on the monochrome finesse that is Chanel’s yoga mat, of course. The mat features what we can only assume is a cup holder for your detox water and the logo, obviously. Honestly, working out on that mat is a lifestyle in itself, independent of yoga and fashion and our secreting pores may not yet be evolved enough for it. The mat is priced at ₹6,21,400. If you’re really committed to  Chanel your yoga regimen, you may want to throw in the yoga cushions for ₹4,63,900.

yoga cushions zoom.jpg.fashionImg.hi

The brand also has released a tennis racket in carbon black, but good luck finding a tennis ball worthy to bounce off the Chanel insignia on the face of the ₹1,14,200 racket. Equipment or accessory, we don’t know anymore. We’re so tempted to throw a tennis-themed dress up party just so we can wear the racket without actually putting it at risk of any damage. The real motivation to work out here is to get so good at tennis that Chanel just starts sponsoring you. Then show up to Wimbledon in a classic vintage Chanel suit and your racket, you’ve already won. 

tennis racket zoom2.jpg.fashionImg.hi

The last product in their sports accessoripment (accessories but with the function of equipment, we made it up, or did Chanel?) is a paddle board. But if you’re paying ₹14,09,700 for a paddle board, do you even paddle yourself? Or does it come with a paddle chauffeur? This is clearly for people with private islands who own a small portion of ocean void of marine life… and salt, anything that could compromise the way the board photographs on Instagram. The board is accompanied by an equally chic paddle. How chic? If we were taking a casual dip near Richard Branson’s island and he accidentally whacked us in the head with the paddle, we would be better for having touched it. 

The line is peak fashion performance. Are models still walking down runways or jogging as a light warm-up? Chanel has said the prices are only recommended and are subject to change.