Chanel has a shortcut to a healthy glow Advertisement

Chanel has a shortcut to a healthy glow

The new additions to Les Beiges help you fake a sun-kissed look

By ELLE team  June 24th, 2015

If the weather is ensuring you’re spending more time indoors than elsewhere soaking up some sun, then you’ll want to cheat a healthy glow.

That’s where you can rely on Chanel’s new additions to Les Beiges. Now the Healthy Glow Sheer Color Powder was always a winner, but Chanel has just introduced Sheer Color Stick Blushes – a first for the brand. They’re super convenient – it’s nice to do away with a brush, especially when you’re on the go – and come in peachy, bronze and pink hues. Plus, they’re creamy, so they leave a velvety sheen. 

The line also includes Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Broad Spectrum powder palettes. You can swap them with your blush, bronzer or highlighter. It helps that they come with SPF 15 too.

Another first for the collection? A tinted lip balm. Les Beiges Healthy Glow Hydrating Lip Balm, has only the slightest hint of colour.

The nail colours in various shades of nude round off the collection nicely. We’ll take one of each!

Les Beiges is available at Chanel stores