Chanel Has Unveiled Its Gorgeous 2020/2021 Métiers D’Artes Collection

In a grand gallery, located in an even grander castle that was once home to notable historical figures Diane de Poitiers, the influential mistress of King Henry II, and her rival, Catherine de Medici, the king’s Italian-born, taste-making wife, Chanel unveiled its 2020/2021 Métiers D’Art collection. With a crew of hundreds, and an audience of one (American actor Kristen Stewart, ICYMI) the stunning showcase exhibited the creative prowess of 2019-appointed Artistic Director of Fashion collections, Virginie Viard.

For the Métiers d’Art collection this year, Viard wanted to showcase the exceptional workmanship of the Maison d’Art suppliers that the fashion house has acquired through recent years, and brought together several hundred embroiderers, feather workers, shoemakers, hatters and glove-makers. Keeping in mind the current situation, the new collection has also placed a special emphasis on the work done by their artisans – such as the long black lace dress which has been composed of lattices punctuated with studs, made by Lemarié, and the top of a damask dress embroidered entirely by Lesage. Taking inspiration from the castle as well, Viard took the flowers and parterre designs as embroidery motifs; the black and white chequered motif on the floor appeared on sequinned skirts; the warm hues of tweed echoed the famous tapestries of the castle.

Combining her signature rock-chic aesthetics with Chanel’s haute couture legacy, the ready-to-wear ensembles from the collection ranged from pearl-lined leather jackets to long coats of velvet, and of course, Maison’s signature tweed. Added to that are sartorial offerings of capes, beaded tracksuits, blossom-scattered denim shirt dresses, poet blouses, ruffled gauntlet gloves and sequinned skirts. Put together, all it makes for a stunning collection, tiptoeing the line between romanticism and realism, goth and haute couture, rock and girly, and most importantly – it highlights a rich history.

If you’re as excited about the Chanel Métiers D’Artes collection as we are, swipe through for a quick look at the gorgeous haute couture ensembles:

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