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Check Out What 2021 Has In Store For You

By ELLE Team  December 23rd, 2020

Wondering what 2021 has in store for you? Let the stars give you a glimpse. Tamanna C, a psychic, new-age spiritual therapist and author of The Vertical Path, has put together a reading for the coming year.


The year will challenge your spiritual and emotional self, and you will emerge as a winner in the end.

Highs: Your personal relationships, along with work, will stabilise this year. You will feel more empowered and in a position to take decisions. You will be the centre of attention as people will turn to you for major decision-making. Everything will fall in place the way you perceive it, but be open to taking help from others in execution.

Lows: You will feel vulnerable and rocky, mentally and emotionally You might question people, relationships, and your life path. By the end of the year, you will have your answers. Socially, you may disconnect with the people you don’t resonate with.

Karmic Tip: Find a balance.


The year will bring in the opportunities you need to move to the next level, be it at work or personal relationships.

Highs: Work will be smoother post-March and your struggle to hire, organise and restructure will come to an end. Those in the creative field will also venture into a new line of work. Finances will pick up after February.

Lows: Communication and family relationships will be rough. You will find it difficult to focus on work because of issues at home. You might also encounter repeated patterns in relationships to learn your lesson of trust and surrender.

Karmic tip: Learn to let go of things.


This year will bring peace and end the battles you have been fighting.

Highs: Work and family life will get into a balance by March. You will become more confident about the decisions you make, and you also get time to unwind and distress post-May (which you have been looking for). You will also focus on expanding your work after September.

Lows: Health will be low between March to June. Take care of your eyes and your blood pressure. Your social life may take a backseat as your focus will be on other aspects of life, but post-June, you will bounce back with a bang.

Karmic Tip: Trust your decisions.


This year will be life-altering, for the better. You will have more control over your life.

Highs: Your career will be on a roll in March. New opportunities will bring you prosperity and fame. You will associate with many new people, be it for work or socially, and that will bring about significant changes in your life, mentally and emotionally.

Lows: Pay close attention to your health. You will have to make a conscious effort to bring about lifestyle changes post-February and the benefits will start to show after May. Personal relationships will be stressful till March. A family member’s health will also keep you worried between November-December.

Karmic Tip: Be open to experiencing new things.


This year will be about making decisions and taking a stand for yourself. You will keep getting pushed against the wall till you don’t set boundaries for yourself.

Highs: Your personal life will start sorting out after February, and you’ll see peace and harmony post-May. Your love life will be positive from June onwards, and even your finances will stabilise post-June.

Lows: Work will be slow till April, and there will be chaos and confusion in your head about your next step. You will get dragged into other people’s drama at work which will create issues for your post-September. Be picky about the people you choose to work with. Your health will need attention between May-October, primarily because of work stress.

Karmic Tip: Be realistic in your goals and expectations of other people.


The year will be like a roller coaster, emotional, but you will be a different, stronger person by the end of it.

Highs: Family life will reach a good place by mid-March and post-July you can expect some good news on the personal front.

Lows: Work will be chaotic till April, and you will have to make some changes. The decision making will be tough, but it will only push you to be more confident about your choices.

Karmic Tip: Be more communicative.


The year will be rough till April, and you will have to end up changing the way you perceive people and situations.

Highs: Work will be on an all-time high till July, and post-September you will make a conscious effort to slow down the pace. You will need to work with new people for growth.

Lows: Family life will be rough till July, and a lot of issues from the past will come to the surface. Be forgiving and ask for forgiveness if that brings you peace. You will have to make decisions calmly to sort things out.

Karmic Tip: Be more humble.


This year will bring you the strength to disconnect from everything that doesn’t serve your purpose.

High: Family issues will settle down after June, and you will find a way to reconnect and find your peace. Spiritual awakenings will alter your overall quality of life.

Lows: While work will be stable, finances will be of concern. Ups and downs due to personal decisions will keep you worried. Expect things to get better post your birthday.

Karmic Tip: Be more forgiving.


The year will start on a slow note as far as emotional and physical health goes. This year will be all about self-focus.

Highs: Work will begin to get better post-February, and you will be able to find a balance between your work and your vision. Finances will be in a good space post-July, and your investments will give returns post-April.

Lows: You need to focus on your physical and emotional health this year. You will find your grounding post-September, but you will have to make a conscious effort to get there. Meet a therapist, nutritionist, join the gym, to pull yourself out of the zone.

Karmic Tip: Be patient with yourself.


The year will bring in new opportunities to get closer to your goals and vision. Creativity will be at its peak, and you will be more content with the results you get this year.

Highs: Work and finances will be on a roll from the beginning, but you will have to find a way to channelise and organise everything. Don’t take up more responsibility than what you can handle. New associations post-May and October will bring about more stability in finances.

Lows: Your family life will be a rollercoaster ride. Everything that can go wrong will, between February and June. You will find yourself breaking down and letting go of some of your firm beliefs. Any form of decision making will only happen after September.

Karmic Tip: Prioritise your life.


This year will give you more clarity about your personal life, and you will have the courage to take the steps you need to take.

Highs: New work will come to you in April, and you will get more power and responsibility after August. You will be on a creative roll. Fitness will be at the peak, and you will bring about necessary changes in your routine and lifestyle.

Lows:A family member’s health will be rough till May. Issues on the love front will keep you occupied, and after October, you will either commit or break up. This year will be the turning point of a lot of your relationships. Family members will be unhappy with the decisions you take this year, and battling them will emotionally drain you out.

Karmic Tip: Be more open to listening to other people’s advice.


The year will mark a sense of stability, especially in your personal relationships.

Highs: You will be in a happy space with personal relationships and find yourself being more calm and grounded. You will take your relationship to the next level, or even focus on resolving past matters. Finances will be on a roll after August but what’s important is how you channelise it.

Lows: Health will be a major concern from February till June. Listen to what your body needs. While work will be stable, issues with colleagues will drain you out.

Karmic Tip: Be patient.