#ChennaiFloods: How to be part of the solution

The steady downpour that surprised Chennai last month has brought the city to a grinding halt. According to the BBC, 188 people have died in the floods across the state and in the capital city, two days of nonstop rain has left thousands stranded. For the first time since its launch in 1878, The Hindu, the national newspaper headquartered in Chennai, didn’t bring out an issue on December 2, 2015 because the press was inaccessible.

About 60% of Chennai has lost power supply. Pregnant women, the elderly, children and those with special needs are particularly vulnerable. People are running out of oxygen cylinders, some hospitals are being evacuated and the airport has shut down as of now.

Alarming as the situation is, civil society in Chennai has rallied magnificently. People are offering whatever help they can—from shelter and food to car pools and animal rescue—to help their neighbours. Whether you’re in Chennai or not, here’s what you can do: share resources widely; contribute, if possible; and be part of the solution.

Numbers to save & share


Army/Navy helpline: 044 27237107, 044 25394240, +91 98402 95100

Find a doctor here. 


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Money: Ketto is crowdfunding to donate hygiene kits, provisions, clothes and bedsheets to the flood affected. Help it reach its goal here.

Material: Lookup, an app on Android and iOS, has teamed up with Bhumi, a volunteer organisation, to deliver donations, like food, clothes, medicines etc, from doorstep to doorstep. 

Food and shelter: Enlist to volunteer or donate here.


Find someone to help

Screen Shot 2015 12 02 at 7.24.07 PM

Photograph: The Hindu/ K.V. Srinivasan

Add your name to this master-list of resources or see if you can reach out to someone listed in the ‘Rescue Needed’ section.

Search #ChennaiRainsHelp on Twitter to find out what the specific requirements are on the ground.


Keep track of weather & traffic

Screen Shot 2015 12 02 at 7.17.29 PM

Follow @chennairains for weather forecasts and flood resources. They also RT traffic updates.

COMK (Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kaalam), an Android app, provides detailed weather forecasts for different regions of Chennai.

Log onto to TogetherChennai for traffic updates and to register as a donor or volunteer.


Help an animal

Screen Shot 2015 12 02 at 7.00.05 PM

Photograph: AFP

Wildlife rescue: +91 98844 61090 (Shravan) and +91 78450 18969 (Nishanth Nichu) of Chennai Wildlife Rescue; 044 22200335 (Forest Department);

Pet rescue: +91 98402 93438 (SRM); +91 98840 71136

Pet boarding: +91 99405 63616 (Paul Shefali Mohan); some in the ‘Available Shelter’ list here also welcome pets


Photograph: The Hindu/M. Vedhan

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