Chetan Bhagat kicks off Reebok fitness challenge Advertisement

Chetan Bhagat kicks off Reebok fitness challenge

Bigger muscles through male chauvinism!

By Deepa Menon  January 6th, 2015

If you only gave him the chance, Chetan Bhagat can fix your life. He can entertain you, motivate you, get you married and, as of Jan 1 2015, he can prepare you for bikini season.

To inspire his fans to get healthy, Bhagat is taking a 100-day fitness challenge with Reebok India, called Reeboot 100. You can follow his progress on Facebook and Twitter as a team of exercise and diet professionals put him through the paces. In a video introducing his trainers, Vinata Shetty and Bindiya, Bhagat tells us how he’s planning to stay motivated: “Reebok has given me two female trainers. And what that does is it keeps your ego in check. Because if two females can lift more weight than you and do more push-ups than you, it really puts things in perspective.”

The embarrassed laughter that greeted this moronic statement proves that may not have been Reebok’s original strategy in assigning him two women coaches. But, once again, Chetan Bhagat has commandeered this public service message: Indian men, you better get in shape or get your ass kicked by mere females.