How you take your tea says a lot about you

Just ask Mariah Carey or any other tea-lover; the ol’ cuppa is an important part of one’s day (read: make-it or break-it essential).

While there’s no denying our obsession with coffee, our love of tea is difficult to beat. Rising significantly over the past five years, studies suggest we turn to tea as a way to relieve stress and restore mindful clarity.

Stats aside, there’s a tea variety for every person and occasion. Tea is one of the only recipes you (pretty much) can’t get wrong, and is responsible for mini-sandwich and petit-four-filled high teas, even working with a side of Champagne.

Put the kettle on; here, ELLE‘s definitive guide to people based on their tea type:

Black tea

Smart, witty and direct—you love to connect with new people and are always seeking out experiences that pull you out of your comfort zone. You don’t easily tolerate fools and can’t stand anyone who doesn’t speak their mind. Your bucket list activities include bungee jumping and skydiving (you’re a complete adrenaline junkie), and you’re willing to give anything a go at least once. You can sometimes come across a little blunt to those who don’t know you, but you are extremely accepting of people and never pretentious.


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Milky tea

If you take your EBT or Earl Grey with milk, you’re most likely to be organised and well-prepared. You have never pulled an all-nighter to complete a school, uni or work task because you never had to (life goals). You’re not vain but you take pride in your appearance and always look well-presented. Tea-time can be enjoyed on-the-go but you prefer to drink you cuppa when you have time to savour the moment. High teas are your thing and your daily tea intake lies between three and seven, depending on your schedule. You know exactly what you want in life, and you won’t stop until you get it.

Green tea

You never take anything for granted and are very content with where you are in life. You love leading a balanced lifestyle and being outdoors—ocean swims are among your list of favourite things. You enjoy reading and watching documentaries (Louis Theroux is your main man) and are both book- and street smart. While green is your go-to tea of choice, you don’t mind the occasion fruity infusion or peppermint tea. As a friend, you’re reliable and trustworthy and always enjoyable to be around. You genuinely care about what is happening in your friends’ lives and never miss a birthday.


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Chai tea

All your friends would call you the sweet one but you know that you can bring the sass when it’s needed. You’re an extremely loyal friend but once someone breaks your trust, you find it difficult to forgive. You are empathetic and not one to sit back and watch others talk badly about someone. Your quick wit gives you instant charisma, and you can hold conversation with almost anyone. Although your passion is one of your strong suits, it also means that you can be stubborn at times (apologising is no easy feat).

Fruity tea

Creative, clever and sensitive—the fruity tea drinker radiates positive energy and happiness. You’re popular and love your nights out, and believe that regularly treating yourself is a crucial component of self-love. While you can often get carried away, your spontaneity creates incredible opportunities for you that most people can only dream of. You are your toughest critic but overall have a great outlook on life, seeing it as one glorious and exciting adventure.

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Oolong tea

Always ready for the next challenge, the Oolong sipper loves to travel and see new things. Always full of energy and curiosity, you are a goal-setter and go-getter. You’re a born leader and like to set the trends rather than follow them. While you’re well-read and informed, you know there is still so much more to see.

From: Elle Australia 

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