The South Australian collective that made a deep impression on Christian Louboutin Advertisement

The South Australian collective that made a deep impression on Christian Louboutin

He describes it as both humbling and mind-blowing

By Neville Bhandara  April 17th, 2019


CL by Mohamad Seif

Christian Louboutin

I recently visited Sydney with a friend, and met with the APY Art Centre Collective, a platform that supports emerging indigenous artists from the Aboriginal lands. They took me to the APY Lands [Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara, in the northwest of South Australia].


On the road with APY Art Collective 

It was a long drive into the middle of the outback the heat was intense and we got stuck in the sand. Aside from the unimaginable landscape, I met incredible people. I was introduced to some of the artists the organisation works with, and we spent a few days discussing their art, ancestral techniques and ancient symbolism.

Yaritji Young Portrait

Artist Yaritji Young

More and more through my travels, I am conscious of how much we need to protect our planet— the importance of being eco-supportive, rather than just eco-friendly. Being out there in the middle of Australia gave me hope, because I went in not expecting anything but instead discovered a wealth of knowledge and experience.

180910 Fregon Web 268 0025

The surrounding countryside of Fregon, Australia

It was humbling as well as mind-blowing.

These artists live in the middle of nowhere and fight to survive, but they are so determined and dedicated to honouring the art and craft they have inherited from their ancestors—everything is made by hand, and alludes to the gods and legends that the Aboriginals have honoured since the dawn of time. It was sublime and unique, and I found the entire experience to be incredibly spiritual.

Photographs: Mohamad Seif (Christian Louboutin), Rohan Thomson/courtesy of APY Art Centre Collective (Fregon, Australia), APY Art Centre Collective (Yaritji Young, On the road with APY Art Collective)