Christopher Kane is still trying to make Crocs acceptable in public Advertisement

Christopher Kane is still trying to make Crocs acceptable in public

And I really wish he'd stop

By Rochelle Pinto  February 22nd, 2017

Ask a fashion insider how they feel about Crocs and an involuntary gag reflex might be your answer. Crocs have long endured the kind of treatment usually reserved for mouldy bread, stress pimples and Donald Trump. Mild horror accompanied by a weird taste in the back of the mouth.

But one Christopher Kane has decided to wage war on popular notions of good aesthetics by adopting this fashion outcast and giving it a makeover. The mutiny began last year, when Kane debuted his stone embellished Crocs clogs (the very act of typing out these words makes me wince), currently available online for £275 (approximately Rs 23,000). Crocs are dificult enough, but add the word clogs to them and that’s grounds for verbal assault. 

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane’s embellished Crocs

But the misery doesn’t end there. Like Gucci did with their furry evening slippers and Celine previously attempted with their hirsute birkenstocks, Kane has decided to slap some fur onto the Crocs for Fall/Winter ’17. Y’know, in case your ankles get nippy.

The only silver lining in this Croc-infested cloud is that these make for wildly impractical footwear in winter, though some devoted acolytes will, no doubt, brave frostbite to prove their street style cred.