This celebrity has cracked the biggest health trend of 2017 Advertisement

This celebrity has cracked the biggest health trend of 2017

Clean eating is old news

By Jessica Chandra  June 13th, 2017

We all know we feel better if we’ve had a good night’s sleep. We’re less irritable, we feel perky—we may even stick to one coffee instead of two. Now Gwyneth Paltrow has declared ‘clean sleeping’ the health trend of 2017. In a piece published on the Daily Mail, excerpted from the new book Goop Clean Beauty, Gwyneth wrote, “The lifestyle I lead is based not just on clean eating, but also on clean sleeping: at least seven or eight hours of good, quality sleep—and ideally even ten.

“Sleep plays such a powerful role in determining your appetite and energy levels that I believe it should be your first priority—even before you think about your diet.”

“Clean sleeping’ as a concept is basically about making sure you get enough good quality sleep a night. No, not just regular sleep, it must be good quality.”

 Gwyneth Paltrow’s top 5 tips for sleeping right

— Yoga nidra aka meditating before bed, even if it means using an app or website with a guided meditation to help.

— Banning midnight snacks, and keeping a “regular 12-hour fasting window”—so if you finish dinner at 9 p.m., don’t have breakfast until 9 a.m. the next morning.

— Massaging trigger points on the back of your head just before bed.

— Giving yourself a foot massage with a thick moisturising cream.

— Sleeping with a copper pillow, because “studies have shown that pillowcases infused with fine strands of copper oxide could help to prevent the formation of, and even reduce, wrinkles.”

So there you have it—five, Gwyneth-approved ways to make sure you’re snoozing enough.

From: ELLE Australia

10 healthy-eating books to add to your bookshelf

Need a little something extra to channel your healthy living mojo? These books want you to eat your way to more energy, better immunity and glowing skin.

Dopamine Diet by Tom Kerridge

The Michelin-starred chef dropped 70 kgs in three years without cutting down on the joy of eating. In his book, he creates a diet based on ingredients that trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, which is the happy hormone. 

Losing It by Dhruv Gupta

Is activated charcoal good for you? Or are you better off sticking with a basic salad for shedding excess fat? Dhruv Gupta, the founder of a weight-loss system called Fitho, weighs in on superfoods and more in his book. 

Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s nutritionist is against any form of carb-deprivation. She’ll encourage you to indulge in a slice of pizza and teach you how to balance out the rest of your meals to knock off some pounds. She's also credited with introducing Kareena to Indian superfoods like amaranth, which the actress now swears by. 

It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow

If you’re thinking of going dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan, let Hollywood Renaissance woman Gwyneth Paltrow fix your diet. From hummus tarts to power brownies, the avid foodie has covered all of it in her cookbook. 

The Detox Diet by Shonali Sabherwal

Ever wondered how Jacqueline Fernandez does the perfect detox cleanse? Let nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal break down the details in her book. 

The Wholesome Kitchen by Pooja Dhingra

The founder of Mumbai's popular Le 15 Patisserie pens down healthy dessert and wholesome breakfast options in her newest book — all using locally sourced ingredients. 

The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide by Kayla Itsines

In addition to providing the world with fitspo, bikini body expert Kayla Itsines couples her celebrated workout plan with smoothie bowls and salad recipes to help you get a stronger body in four weeks. 

The Great Indian Diet by Shilpa Shetty

Forget sourdough bread and kale, Shilpa Shetty wants you to turn your attention to homegrown ingredients found in a typical Indian kitchen — rajma chawal, for instance — to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

The Healthy Model Cook Book by Sarah Todd

Masterchef contestant, Sarah Todd, put together 100 wholesome recipes in her book inspired by her love for food and her stint as a model. Expect to find meals full of flavour because not all models eat bland food. 

Food Swings by Jessica Seinfield

As the title rightly suggests, Jessica Seinfield’s fourth book covers all your mood swings. There are recipes for when you want to eat like a supermodel as well as ample concoctions for your inner glutton.