What are 'Cloud Eggs' and how do we make them? Advertisement

What are ‘Cloud Eggs’ and how do we make them?

Because they look downright delicious

By Meg Bellemore  May 24th, 2017

Food bloggers everywhere are touting a new breakfast trend and no, it’s not a chia seed sprinkled acai bowl. It’s ‘Cloud Eggs.’


These air-light creations look like delicious, buttery ricotta cheese tarts, but they’re actually a lot healthier than that.

The full, fluffed-up finish is a result of separating the yolk from the white, beating the egg white into a ‘cloud’ of froth using a whisk, then baking it for 5-8 minutes. The egg yolk is added back in toward the end of the baking to complete the pretty and healthy little breakfast morsel.

Type in the hashtag #cloudeggs on Instagram and you’ll get lost in the googy goodness. Honestly, you could lose a work day.

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These very sunny whipped eggs look like an absolute delight to eat and we need to wake up to them tomorrow.

From: Elle Australia