Coach is being rebranded as Tapestry Advertisement

Coach is being rebranded as Tapestry

This change will take place by the end of the month

By Erica Gonzalez  October 13th, 2017

Coach Inc. is changing its name to Tapestry to better incorporate all of the brands it owns, which includes Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman. The name change becomes official at the end of the month. Tapestry already has its own website up and running. 

The new moniker ‘is more inclusive,’ according to Victor Luis, CEO of the New York-based label. “We are now at a defining moment in our corporate reinvention, having evolved from a mono-brand specialty retailer to a true house of emotional, desirable brands,” he said in a statement.

The change is part of Coach’s pursuit of younger shoppers who may not feel the same draw to store windows on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue. Coach was established as a small workshop in Manhattan in 1941, and flourished as a fashion powerhouse in the early 1960s.

The leatherwear brand acquired Stuart Weitzman in 2015 and Kate Spade in 2017.


11 designer bags that were named after celebrities 

The Selena Grace Bag by Coach

The Coach x Selena Gomez collection features the Selena Grace bag designed by Selena and Creative Director Stuart Vevers. What makes this collection special is Selena’s handwritten “Love yourself first” message embossed onto the base of the bag. The collection hits stores on September 1, 2017. 

The Kelly Bag by Hermès

How can our fashion history book be complete without an entire chapter dedicated to one of the biggest style icons, Grace Kelly? Competing closely with the Birkin, the Kelly bag was named after the star when she was seen carrying it multiple times, most famously to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi. 

The Birkin Bag by Hermès

The most popular bag also has the most amusing story behind it. In 1981, the Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas happened to meet actress Jane Birkin on an airplane, and what would their conversation be about, but bags? Apparently, Jane told Jean about how she didn’t have the “right” bag that was spacious enough. Three years later, she was holding her namesake leather bag—which is probably more of a legend today than she is.

The Del Rey Bag by Mulberry

Mulberry found solace in 'Summertime Sadness' and decided to design a bag as an ode to singer Lana Del Rey.  

The Alexa Bag by Mulberry

What do you do when one of the biggest celebrities is seen carrying your bag, like, all the time? You name it after her, of course. Mulberry named this leather satchel after Alexa Chung, if you haven’t caught up already. 

The Constance Bag by Hermès

This bag was initially named after one of the leading ladies of the Hermès dynasty, Constance. But when it was so frequently seen on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, it was rechristened to a name inspired by her—the O-bag.

The Lady Dior Bag by Dior

Dior created this bag in 1994, but gave it the name of the Lady Dior in honour of Princess Diana, who called it her favourite bag.

The Sofia Bag by Salvatore Ferragamo

The Sofia bag was named after actress Sophia Loren, a long-time customer and close friend of the designer.

The Cara Delevingne Bag by Mulberry

Launched in collaboration with Cara Delevingne, this collection is most known for featuring a copy of her tattoo “Made in England” at the bottom of each bag. Thank goodness the brand’s British.

The Gisele Bag by Luella

Designer Luella Bartley approached Mulberry to collaborate on a bag that was named the Mulberry Luella. But when model Giselle Bündchen carried the bag down the runway for the Mulberry show in 2001, the bag suddenly became all the rage. It was then renamed the Gisele bag.

The Stam Bag by Marc Jacobs

Designer Marc Jacobs played on model Jessica Stam as his muse for this bag which slowly became one of the most famous bags of the 2000s.