How colours affect your mood and eating habits

The colour of the food you eat has a compelling impact on your life, affecting your emotions, demeanour, and even how much you eat. To understand how to transform your life using colour alchemy, it’s valuable to learn a bit about the nature of colour. All the hues that you see are composed of electromagnetic energies, vibrating at different frequencies. Your body is also made of varying frequencies, and when you’re feeling off balance, you’ll be subconsciously drawn to colours that provide the frequency your body needs. This includes the colour of the food you eat.

Numerous scientific studies record the powerful effect different shades have on our emotions and body. For example, people who are angry or upset are likely to calm down in a pink room. Your pulse and blood pressure will go up in a red environment and go down in a blue environment. Certain shades of both blue and yellow can affect the way neurons connect in the brain. Some studies suggest that certain disorders, such as chronic pain, brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease, can be affected in a positive way by colour. Eating a diet rich in different hues will enhance both your nutrition and metaphysical state.

Understanding colour alchemy in food

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How to incorporate colour into your style 

Bored of a wardrobe dominated by neutral hues? Let model Anjali Lama give you a crash course in colour coding your look.

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