How colours influence emotions: your cheat sheet to a positive 2018 Advertisement

How colours influence emotions: your cheat sheet to a positive 2018

Decoding the colour spectrum

By Shweta Gandhi  December 26th, 2017

How has 2017 worked out for you? Have you been active all around the year and achieved the goals you had set for yourself? Or have you been procrastinating every month, only to set new resolutions for 2018 that sound dubious even as you write them down? Whether you’re looking for clarity in communication or simple motivation to shake things up, spiritual healer and psychic Ashtar Tashi believes colours influence emotions and play an important role in our behaviour.

And though that influence may be subtle, they can play with your subconscious beliefs and help subvert them. Are you ready to make 2018 the most productive and positive year? Then take heed and wear these colours to heal yourself.

How colours influence emotions

Silver, gold, white

Are you connected to your higher self? Are you accepting of everything that's happening in your life as divine will? Wearing white, gold and silver will help you feel connected to the universal power that will strengthen your faith in life. 

Red and black

Have you been feeling lost? If you're always dealing with financial stress or job insecurity, you need to personally ground yourself to stay rooted. Colours like maroon, red, ruby red, black will help you in achieving a strong base that will not let your mind give in to fears.


Do you find it difficult to communicate and stand up for yourself? Let the peace of blue empower you with its creative approach to communication. Whether you wish to be creative or want to communicate effectively, blue will be your guiding light.

Pink and green

Are you holding onto grudges from the past? Do you need to forgive someone, perhaps even yourself? Wearing shades of pink and green will instill self-love in you. It will aid you in giving and receiving unconditional love; forgiving those who have wronged you; applying gratitude to your life. 


Are you always indecisive? Do you find it difficult to take risks and step out of your comfort zone? Then you need orange in your life. Orange's zest and enthusiasm will help you push your boundaries and overcome your laziness. It'll help you believe in your decisions and will make you trust your gut instinct.


Are your fears always bringing you down? Boost your self-confidence with yellow. The colour empowers you with strength and positivity that will kill those fears and give you the much-needed motivation to believe in yourself.


Are you using your mind to its optimum level? Are you overtly creative and lack logic? Or is it the other way round? Purple will provide the balance you are seeking — balance that will arm you with intuitive powers that will guide you to use your mind and its powers in a way that doesn't detract you from your goals. Those suffering from sleepless nights can also find solace in this hue that aims to relieve stress.