Comfortable and chic, here’s why we’re loving Clarks’ new range of shoes

The women of today are constantly on the move—between balancing work life with their personal life, there isn’t a moment that goes by where women aren’t occupied. Mothers, wives, daughters, CEOs, managers, no matter what the job description, making important choices and sacrifices is part of the role—however, comfort shouldn’t be one of them. Up until recently, looking fabulously stylish meant compromising on comfort—and that choice invariably meant opting for something boring and drab. Not anymore!


Where fashion meets practicality, Clarks’ Trigenic Tri Turn range of shoes takes into account the season’s hottest athleisure trends and pairs it with superior design that keeps coziness at its core. The new collection is a result of Clarks’ four iconic principles: the perfect asymmetric fit, responsive underfoot cushioning and contoured fit for extra comfort, super-soft exteriors, and the ability to go with the foot’s natural movement. Thanks to biomechanics being at the heart of the Trigenic series, these are one of the most natural shoes in the world.

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The Tri Turn is inspired by the sports, which makes it your ideal companion during crunch time. The trendy design means it’s bound to complement and elevate your athleisure look. But the Tri Turn isn’t meant only for the fitness conscious. It’s designed for the busy lifestyle today’s women face. It’ll fit like a glove and give your feet the TLC they deserve—superior comfort, packaged in hot and trendy designs. Utilitarian fashion is also the current buzzword in the design industry—be it luxury brands or high street labels, it’s got everyone’s attention. And what better way to get behind the trend than shoes that marry chic design with comfort?

So, whether you’re going casual chic or amping up your style, unlike a flashy pair of heels, with Clarks Tri Turn, you won’t have to kick your footwear off with a sigh of relief!

Shop the collection here.

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