‘Consent is a cup of tea’ Advertisement

‘Consent is a cup of tea’

An idiot-proof guide for anyone who doesn't understand that no means no

Rape is often described as the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused. Did you encourage the rapist in some way? Did you do everything to stop the rape? If the rapist is your husband, maybe you’re over-reacting? All these questions come from a place of not really respecting a person’s right over their own body. Or not understanding that no means no — even if it’s said during. This point is made cleverly and hilariously by a public service ad put out by a department of the British police. The Thames Valley Police made a version of this American video by Blue Seat Studios, which is exactly the same, except for the accent and mild profanity. We’ll admit it’s much harder to refuse a cup of tea when it’s offered in a British accent.