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6 contemporary jewellery terms to add to your fashion vocabulary

Do you know your bar necklace from your lariat?

By Shweta Gandhi  August 8th, 2018

Have you ever been to a jewellery shop and struggled to describe exactly what you found on the pages of ELLE or discovered on the ‘gram? With new styles taking over, it has become difficult to describe these popular contemporary jewellery designs. Whether it’s a delicate ring with chains connected to a midi or that adjustable long necklace you love wearing, each piece has a unique name. Hardee Shah, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueStone.com selects the top accessory styles that are trending right now, and helps us in breaking down their nomenclature.

From necklaces to rings, these leading accessory styles are versatile, making them a must-have in your wardrobe. 

6 modern jewellery styles and their terminology:

Bar necklace

Meet the latest update to your traditional tanmaniya or mangalsutra — bar necklaces. As the name suggests, this neckpiece features a horizontal bar of metal where the pendant sits. "The bar necklace is usually a princess-length necklace — one that sits just below the collar bones — and is made out of solid gold, however, various upgrades to this style have resulted in different sub-types," says Hardee. "The curved bar necklace incorporates a curve bar at the end; then there's the bar necklace that has a subtle styling to the bar, such as a vine wrapping around a slim bar or a bar with diamond accents," she adds.

Style tip: This necklace can be paired with most necklines, given its versatile style.

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"The word 'stackable' refers to things of different sizes or shapes that stack well together much like a vertical jigsaw. In jewellery, there are several pieces that lend themselves to the stackable genre, most commonly, bracelets and rings," says Hardee. The best part about stackables is that they can be worn independently, but when worn together, they fit beautifully and make the stacked piece look like one design.

Style tip: For the more inimitable jewellery connoisseur, Hardee suggests trying out the stackable choker.

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Station Necklaces

The station necklace can be identified by gemstones or small patterns that are placed at regular intervals. "It was a piece by Tiffany & Co called 'Diamonds by the Yard' that propelled station necklaces to popularity," says Hardee. "But the most popular version of this necklace is the 'Tin Cup' necklace — a classic station necklace with pearls at regular intervals. The Tin Cup necklace was created for actress Rene Russo for the movie of the same name," she adds.

Style tip: Owing to their length, and semi-formal style, Hardee recommends station necklaces as a definite workwear staple as they pair well with traditional or contemporary outfits.

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Lariat Necklaces or Y-Necklaces

Lariat necklaces are long boho-chic necklaces that go below the bust line. They're also more commonly known as long necklaces or Y-necklaces. "Lariat necklaces typically do not have a fixed clasp, instead are designed to be adjustable in length. This allows one to have the central design of the neckpiece sit between the collar bones or lower," says Hardee.

Style tip: Its adjustable length makes it dynamic, and gives you a different look and feel every time you wear it, says Hardee.

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Two-Finger Rings

Two-finger rings are essentially one ring that covers two fingers. "Two-finger rings allow for a lot more design flexibility with the possibility of three metals being used in one and definitely a lot more gemstones," says Hardee. This makes it a fun statement ring to show off.

Style tip: Hardee advises pairing this versatile style with casual or formal looks.

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Open Rings

Open rings, also called gap rings, are a recent addition to contemporary fine jewellery. "Open rings do not go all the way around the finger; they leave a small gap at the top," says Hardee.

Style tip: Open rings are easy to style, and can be worn both as a day ring or as a cocktail ring.

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