Couples reveal best things about being married and they're too cute for words Advertisement

Couples reveal best things about being married and they’re too cute for words

Reddit users have shared their thoughts about the best things about being married and it's so romantic we could cry

By Katie O’Malley  September 4th, 2017

Forget the Jenny Packham-inspired bridal gown, the five-tiered lemon and poppyseed naked cake, the delicate peonies and twinkling candlelights flickering on tabletops for a second.

As we all know, marriage is far more than romantic getaways to the Amalfi Coast, and lazy Sunday mornings in bed with the newspapers and croissants.

It’s a lifelong commitment to a best friend who will stand by your side amid the hardships, tragedies, and financial woes life often throws your way.

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As a result, a group of Reddit users have taken to the social media platform to share their favourite parts about being married and they’re friggin’ adorable.

‘I always have an ally. Someone who is there for me who fulfills certain roles so I don’t have to worry about them and trusts me to fulfill my roles so I can feel confident in my abilities. I have support for everything, all the time, and always have a best friend right there in my own home to enjoy things with,’ wrote DaughterEarth. 

‘The cuddling, the sharing of snacks, the late-night conversations, the inside jokes, the cuddling. Also, the cuddling. Guess that’s more than one best thing,’ added TeaAndCrackers.

‘It’s like a sleepover every night! We chill with our dog on the couch while watching a few episodes of one of our shows at night before bed, then we go to bed and read the news/browse reddit/watch YouTube videos for a while. We share the videos, pictures, memes, etc with one another and laugh or gasp together about them. Our dog hangs out on the bed until we go to sleep. It’s awesome,’ commented Vocabulazy.

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‘Having someone with a sense of humour that matches up about 99 per cent is pretty fantastic. There’s a lot of laughter in my apartment,’ wrote talkinblues.

‘You always have a purpose, to be there in support of your spouse. Being needed can be as important as having someone you need,’ added MachReverb.

‘When she gets home after a fucker of a work day and she’s tired, fed up, close to tears from having to steer the business equivalent of a herd of cats with their tails tied together… I can change her whole evening with the right kind of chocolate and a neck rub. For those ten minutes, I am literally the best thing in her life. And that makes me feel mighty,’ typed I_throw_socks_at_cat.

‘That one minute we could be [having sex] on the couch, and three minutes later we are trying to decide what sort of dishwasher we should get,’ said jesterspaz.

‘Discovering that love is basically bottomless when you meet someone special. I never think I will be able to love him more than I do, and somehow I end up loving him more every day just because he’s him. It’s the best feeling,’ odnadevotchka added.

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Instagram: @apracticalwedding

‘The best thing about marriage is it changes you if you let it. You can have a crappy attitude and no desire to grow – but if you let it, marriage refines you. Not only are we better people because of our marriage but I sincerely believe the people around us are better off knowing us as a team than knowing us alone. Marriage is the best because we can love on each other and the people we meet better together than apart,’ wrote BluetoothStapler.

‘The comfort I feel when he is sleeping, sitting, or standing next to me. He makes me feel safe even when I am not happy or am feeling upset. I also love that I can tell him anything, anything and he listens to me,’ commented aj4ever.

‘The tiny kindnesses that make me feel so loved, like making me a coffee in the morning even if he can’t have one himself because he’s got a phlegmy cold, or filling my water bottle for me when I’m in the shower, or watching ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ with me for two hours because, even though he doesn’t like the movie at all, it makes me laugh,’ LiquorishSunfish wrote.

‘I get to hang out with my best friend every day and also he has sex with me,’ wrote Elcasaurus.

Oh these? These are happy tears.