Craft meets couture in Anaam's new fashion-forward collection Advertisement

Craft meets couture in Anaam’s new fashion-forward collection

In collaboration with the artisans of Rangsutra crafts

By Tatiana Dias  February 1st, 2019

Bridging the gap between craft and couture, design label Anaam collaborated with Rangsutra to conceptualise and create a collection that celebrates the union of art with fashion. Rangsutra is a social organisation that works with artisans in rural and semi-rural areas, with the aim of growing the Indian crafts sector sustainably. A bond between two different identities that blends cultures and beliefs, Bandhan is a seamless coming together of sustainable fashion with modern silhouettes; in this unique collection, the craft of bandhani is further enhanced with mirror work. 

However, this collection isn’t just about bandhani, but also about what the craft represents. Rooted firmly in the freedom of artistic expression, the collection encourages society to transition the same way that these beautiful prints are created—by knotting and unknotting dyed fabric. The knots are a symbol of societal restriction, while the act of untying these knots is representative of a more unified culture. 

The colour palette of Bandhan includes rich blues, bright greens and royal purples, and the silhouettes consist of shirt dresses, V-neck dresses, and gender-neutral kaftans and saris. In this way, AnaamXRangsutra is a union of two different brands, each of which have a strong will to birth something fresh and new—something that reimagines both India’s craft traditions and sustainable fashion.