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Creepy beauty trend alert!

By Deepa Menon  January 3rd, 2015

If you think beauty should be ever so slightly unsettling, we have just the thing for you. All the rage in Japan, Korea and Malaysia, circle lenses make your pupils appear larger and give you that otherworldly, Bambi-on-LSD look.

Mari Santos, beauty writer for the site xoVain, tried out these lenses and gave them two thumbs up, pending approval from your ophthalmologist. They’re sold by online retailers like Pinky Paradise (they ship to India), and come in basic colours like black, brown, green as well as in pink, aqua and yellow. Santos said, “To me, pink lenses look natural yet eerie, subtle yet slightly unnerving, and basically all the things I aspire to be in life.”

This look first became big thanks to Lady Gaga’s digitally enhanced pupils in her 2009’s Bad Romance video. But the lenses are more mainstream now and you can even get them for your prescription. However, your doctor may not give you his blessings to wear them. According to this report in Daily Mail, these lenses can cause infection and even lead to blindness. But if the comments on Santos’s post as anything to go by, the threat of blindness isn’t putting anyone off this new eye candy.