8 Eccentric Crocs Collaborations That We Can’t Forget Advertisement

8 Eccentric Crocs Collaborations That We Can’t Forget

From KFC to Justin Bieber’s iteration of the comfy clogs, Crocs’ resume of partnerships is downright impressive (and never-ending)

By Gargi Agrawal  June 17th, 2021

When Victoria Beckham received a pair of lilac crocs from Justin Bieber’s Drew House Crocs collection as a gift, Beckham’s response catapulted the netizens in her support. The British designer took to her Instagram to say that she’d “rather die.” And honestly, we’ve got major opinions on the controversial clogs too. But regardless of the love-hate equation that we may have with these shoes, the fact remains that they keep coming back in fashion time and again. And might we say, with a ground-breaking statement.

This time around, Balenciaga set the internet ablaze when it released the stiletto Croc with a whopping $1000 a pair price tag on it. The collaboration is either a joke or an insanely cool prank on the elite. Despite the nature of this association, here’s a confession: we all love sartorial collaborations that make us go ‘what’, don’t we? On that note, behold, because we’ve put together eight viral Crocs collaborations that took the internet by storm.

1. KFC X Crocs


In 2020, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), purveyor of the world-famous fried chicken, partnered with Crocs to bring the consumer’s finger-lickin’ fashion dreams come true. The limited-edition collaboration featured two shoes—a sky-high platform and a classic flat-heel version. The shoes also had two removable Jibbitz charms that looked and smelled like a fried chicken drumstick. Thoughts?

2. Alfie X Crocs


In a highly unanticipated collab, New York-based streetwear label Alfie created a socks-with-sandals hybrid version in 2018. Sold for $140 a pair, the unique collaboration made headlines over the internet, and the 300 pairs were sold out in no time. This ‘sports style’ Croc has been one of the most innovative collaborations to date on the footwear company’s roster.

3. Barneys New York X Crocs


Barneys with Crocs may not sound like a match made in heaven, but it certainly is for lovers of the punk aesthetic. In 2019, the American luxury department store lent Crocs some chains and spikes reminiscent of the 90s vibe. Yeah, with shoes like these, you cannot ignore hallucinations of Green Day playing every step of the way.

4. Christopher Kane X Crocs


British fashion designer Christopher Kane sent a shockwave down the runway for his Spring-Summer 2017 show by giving the shoes a stone-age upgrade. The gem-encrusted clogs were studded with stones like Sodalite, Red Leopard, Malachite, Diaspro and Zebra Jasper, while earthy hues set the tone for this anticipated collection.

5. Justin Bieber X Crocs


The Justin Bieber X Crocs classic clog draws inspiration from the musician’s clothing brand, Drew House, known for its iconic buttercup yellow. The limited-edition shoes launched in 2020 featured eight Jibbitz charms which represent Justin’s laid-back style.

6. Chinatown Market X Crocs

LA-based streetwear brand Chinatown Market collaborated with Crocs in 2019 to make an astroturf covered design which made the entire shoe appear like grass. This launch aimed to provide people with a simulation experience of walking barefoot on grass, wherever they go.

7. Balenciaga X Crocs

While you may have laid your eyes on the stiletto croc, which is oh-so-practical, it is not the first time the two fashion houses joined hands. In 2018, Balenciaga made jaws drop by releasing a platform, Croc, which took the shoes to a whole new level of impracticality. 

8. Anwar Carrots X Crocs

When streetwear designer Anwar Carrots was approached to design a pair of these shoes, he not only delivered an eccentric pair but made sure his surname reflected in the design. The Carrots X Crocs clog showcased his label’s signature orange, balanced with green accents and bold graphic print.

Photographs: Instagram