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How the moon affects your behaviour

From mood swings to inexplicable depression

By Tamanna C  January 31st, 2017

Over decades, some studies have sought to prove that the stars and moon affect human beings’ psyche and emotions in the strangest ways. In fact, astrology is all about the study of planetary positions and its affect on human life. All the nine planets along with the sun and moon exert influence in various parts of our life such as career, health, finance, family etc. The moon cycles, in particular, have a direct influence over human emotions.

Moon has feminine energies and the frequencies emanating from it affect our thought process, perception and emotions at a subtle level. This could explain why a drastic moon cycle phase results in these impressions rising from the subconscious mind into the conscious, making us more sensitive to our own fears and insecurities.

This is one of the reasons why people often feel sensitive right before or after a new moon cycle, tending to become edgy, cranky and sometimes, even extremely negative about their own life. They find the need to look for answers as these impressions rise up to the surface. The fact is that all your thought process during moon cycle is only a reflection of what lies beneath, not necessarily created by people in the present situation.

For a lot of people who have tapped into their spiritual energies, their intuitive gift also gets heightened closer to moon cycles. They are able to perceive more. Apart from this it also creates changes in sleep patterns as your conscious mind gets activated by all the underlying impressions.

Dealing with moon cycles and its effects

  • Meditating 2-3 days prior to a new moon cycle can help you release and heal the negative impressions from the subconscious, reducing its effect on the conscious mind.
  • Spend time in silence.
  • Bathe with salt water twice a day for two days before and after the moon cycle. This will help absorb negative energy and stabilize your body’s sensitivity.
  • Increase your water intake to flush out to the toxic energy
  • Light a candle and listen to calm, meditative chants or music before hitting the bed to stabilize sleep patterns.