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Hottest jewellery trend: daith piercings

Is it as painful as it looks?

By Salva Mubarak  February 21st, 2017

Piercings have a not-so-unique advantage of being dainty and badass at the same time. Depending on where the piercing is located, you can alternate between the two states of being without even uttering a single word. In case you’re wondering what the other dainty-badass combo is, it’s the unicorn. On the face of it, unicorns might appear to be all about glitter and happiness, but one wrong move and you’re impaled on that horn.

Coming back to piercings, the latest trend that’s taking over Instagram is ‘daith’ piercings.

It’s when the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, the area above the ear’s tragus, the crus helix, is pierced. Please refer to the scientific diagram below, in case the terms confuse you:

Ear daith piercing2

Daith history

Daith (pronounced as doth, as in ‘goth’) piercings were started in California in 1992 by a piercing artist called Erik Dakota. Apparently, one of his clients, who was studying Hebrew at the time, saw it and named it Da’at (Hebrew for knowledge) because she felt that only someone who is really smart, or had a lot of knowledge would be able to master this piercing.

What’s a true daith?

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If you’re planning to attempt it, then you need to know what a true daith piercing looks like. Experts say that a true daith must be done in a way that the bottom part of the ring appears to come directly out of the ear canal.

It looks painful, but does it hurt?

According to wearers and piercers, it looks more dramatic than it actually is. Getting one is not that painful and, since the area is not as exposed to the elements as the rest of the ear, it heals better than other piercings.

Why should you get a daith piercing?

If you have multiple piercings on your lobe, then a daith piercing will complement them. There’s also the instant ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe that’s a happy byproduct of such a piercing, which might keep inane small talk in closed spaces like elevators and airplanes at bay.

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There has even been debate about whether a daith piercing can help alleviate migraines. To mitigate chronic headaches, acupuncturists have been known to pierce that part of the ear. Even though the internet is filled with accounts of people claiming that getting a daith piercing has eased their pain, doctors say that it can only provide short term relief.