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Deal with cyberbullying

Where to seek help if your virtual life is under attack

By ELLE team  May 29th, 2015

The ugly reality of online hate and hunting — especially of women — is only now being acknowledged for the clear and present danger it is. If you’re currently facing online abuse, have recently come our of a traumatic spate of it, or know somebody who has, these support groups ought to help

Crash Override Network

Game developers Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz, who found themselves the victims of online rape and death threats, and much more (resulting in the controversy around gender politics in gaming known as Gamergate) have established a support group called Crash Override. The group provides counselling and safety assistance, and helps victims (in the US) seek legal help, monitor threats, and more.

Fight Cyberstalking 

Launched in 2010, Fight Cyberstalking helps victims report their stalker or harasser and receive emotional support. They also provide tips on making your social media networks safer and less open to harassment.


Heartmob, a platform initiated by the anti-street harassment NGO Hollaback, will launch this September. Victims can seek out real-time support on the app, and use it to report harassment. They can also use it to enlist the help of others for support, intervention, or reporting. 

To be launched in September 2015