Decoding your September 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your September 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate through the month

By Ashtar Tashi  September 5th, 2018

According to your September 2018 horoscope, this month is all about taking stock of how far you’ve come. Look at the lessons you’ve learnt and the tasks you’ve completed, but at the same time, don’t complain about the opportunities you’ve missed out on this month. Start afresh with the new moon in Virgo, falling on September 9, that’s a perfect time for you to align yourself, bring out new imaginative ideas and start something that you may have planned for yourself. It’s time to be brave and think of new ways to do the same old things.

Fortunately for you, your mind’s going to be focussed and alert, ensuring the clutter falls away. Use this time to figure out which part of your life needs improvement. The full moon in Aries on September 25 will give you the message to keep doing what you are doing, and not give in to the fear of failure that may be lurking around. Keep going strong. 

This is your September 2018 horoscope:


Libra, get ready to bring balance and beauty into your life. You need to be fair and have to listen to the people in your life and reach out to them. Resolve matters that need resolution in your life. Towards the end of the month, you will get a great opportunity to meet new people, apart from connecting and reconnecting with old ones.
Lucky colours this month: Shades of pastel pink, peach and baby pink



The month of September is the month of changes for you, Aries. You need to act like a leader with more power and inner confidence. Take up more challenges and responsibility, especially in your love life. Also, focus on improving your relationships with everyone in the coming time. Be the guiding light for other people.
Lucky colours this month: Dark burgundy, black and dark maroon

Virgo, it's to time apply the knowledge that you have gained in the initial eight months of 2018. The new moon is in Virgo this time, so all the more reason for you to work towards your goals. Bring life back into order, pick up whatever is left incomplete to start closing deals. Figure out how you want to complete your incomplete tasks.
Lucky colours this month: Bright colours of yellow and orange


Cancer, this is the month of growth for you. It's time you think for yourself. You need to focus on your plans and ideas that you may have been ignoring. Create magic for yourself by using the new moon's energies on September 9. Make your to-do list in a methodical pattern and write down your plans. And from September 25, you can actually start bringing your plans into action.
Lucky colours this month: Shades of green and shades of brown (from coffee to honey)

Leo, the message for you this month is to focus on any kind of legal matters and complete those tasks that have been hanging around since long. A lot of good fortune has been waiting for you, and this will help you turn it in your favour. Do not keep anything hanging in the air. September is a good month for you to communicate and give your opinions.
Lucky colours this month: Shades of green and shades of red

Scorpio, this month brings to you a serious sense of responsibility with your career and relationship. You will feel surrounded by too many things and might feel overwhelmed. You will be able to achieve what you are looking for, but you will have to go alone this time and complete the work by yourself. Eventually, hard work will pay off if you are sincere and focused. Do not get worked up this time.

Lucky colours this month: Dark shades like charcoal, dark blue, navy, inky blue and black



Pisces, free yourself from all that you do not need. Purification is not only about your body, but it's also ridding your mind from addictions. Let go of any belief system that is not working for you. Become easy with yourself.
Lucky colours this month: Bright colours like orange, red, yellow and vibrant prints

Sagittarius, take responsibility of looking after the person who is dear to you. Be a good listener. Use the beautiful energy of the full moon and the new moon this month to think how you can help someone in need. Volunteer for service and be a protector.
Lucky colours this month: All shades of white



Aquarius, you have the inner wisdom to know what is right and wrong for you this month. Follow your heart and soul's calling. This is the time you need to re-assess and think where you want to go and what you want in your life. The new moon and full moon will help you improve your soul health.
Lucky colours this month: Pastel shades like lemon and peach


Capricorn, you need to look after yourself this month. You have to become aware of the things that you need to do or complete in your life. The month is just for self awareness. You need to give more than taking. It doesn't have to be all about you.
Lucky colours this month: Shades of violet and purple


Taurus, it is time for you to complete your incomplete tasks and make necessary shifts and changes at home. The new moon on September 9 and full moon on September 25 will help you get the opportunity to create new realities for yourself. Also, focus on your relationships at home with your parents, siblings and relatives and be grounded with them. Don't be stubborn; show compassion.
Lucky colours this month: Beige, shades of lemon, white and ivory



Gemini, look after your health this month. Exercising and following a healthy diet might bring about a change. At the time of full moon, you will need to take initiative for a lot of new things that will be happening in your life. Try and be bare foot as much as possible this month to stay grounded and connected to your roots.
Lucky colours this month: Indigo, shades of blue and turquoise