Decoding your September 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

According to your September 2018 horoscope, this month is all about taking stock of how far you’ve come. Look at the lessons you’ve learnt and the tasks you’ve completed, but at the same time, don’t complain about the opportunities you’ve missed out on this month. Start afresh with the new moon in Virgo, falling on September 9, that’s a perfect time for you to align yourself, bring out new imaginative ideas and start something that you may have planned for yourself. It’s time to be brave and think of new ways to do the same old things.

Fortunately for you, your mind’s going to be focussed and alert, ensuring the clutter falls away. Use this time to figure out which part of your life needs improvement. The full moon in Aries on September 25 will give you the message to keep doing what you are doing, and not give in to the fear of failure that may be lurking around. Keep going strong. 

This is your September 2018 horoscope:

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