Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate the first week of January

By Ashtar Tashi  December 27th, 2018


The last day of the year December 31, is when planet Mars moves into fiery Aries. There couldn’t be a better time to get super motivated and give a huge push to get your New Year resolutions started.

2019 is going to be full of surprises for the natives of the sun signs Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn. All of you lucky ones will achieve unexpected success in all that you wish for. Natives of Aries, Leo and Libra are very lucky in 2019 and will enjoy wish fulfillment as well

Love, Money & Health Trends for the New Year:


Those of you born in the zodiac of Cancer, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius can expect success in your romantic lives. You will enjoy a lot of satisfaction and those of you trying to have children will also be blessed by the miracles of Jupiter. There are no promises made for any spectacular evolutions in love life for Capricorn, Taurus and Pisces. Of course exceptions to the rule do exist, depending on your personal horoscopes, birth times etc. But in general this year will be a peaceful time for existing relationships for them as well.

Scorpios though will feel the passion in love in 2019 and that’s a good thing.


2019 is an excellent year for the natives of sun signs Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. They enjoy a constant in flow of wealth and also success in financial collaborations. However they are advised to spend their money wisely and make some sensible and sound investments with their earnings.

Those of you born in the signs of Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio will get many opportunities in 2019 to evolve professionally but keep the hard work and commitment consistent. Some important promotions and salary upgrades are possible for the natives of the sun sign Capricorn.


Minor migraines and flu are the predicted for all sun signs in 2019 but that is also expected due to lifestyle habits and pollution we live with. Make healthy changes to lifestyles and conscious shifts to better our eating and resting habits is recommended for all.

Taking up a sport and sticking to an active lifestyle is what the natives of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces need in 2019. A health issue may emerge for Geminis but they can tackle that with right and positive approach and towards the end of the year it will get sorted. Pay attention to your eating habits and avoid binging and focus on regular exercise without too many breaks. Capricorn and Leos can expect improvement I health beginning of June 2019. Fatigue may occur but overall lifestyle will only get better.


Goddess Artemis holds you close to her and also your loved ones. All the changes you have been through in the last few months are finally showing results and good ones at that. If you have been feeling insecure till now and unsure about all that you have experienced, well, Artemis asks you to just trust. Give up fears of the future. You and our loved ones and safe and protected, she assures you. When new things happen we are bound to be a little restless and sometimes don’t trust our instincts. This week is the right time for you to believe in yourself and all the decisions you have taken. Your tribe is all around you, rooting for your success. You have nothing to fear. Failure is a thing of the past and you need to know that you have been given all good things because the universe wants you to have them. You are the chosen one. Believe this.


Goddess Kuan Yin (Reversed)

This first week of 2019 pay attention to how you feel about love and its many aspects. When a card appears reversed it’s a gentle reminder for us that there are blocks in that particular area of our life. For Aries the blocks are in the mindset that makes us feel compassion and forgiveness. Stop beating yourself for mistakes made and instead give a pat on your shoulder for coming this far. Everyone must fall once in a while and this week you shall rise higher and become wiser after a fall. If you have suffered heartbreak or are feeling unsure about love, this week lie low. Look after your own interests in the matter and do not give in to please others involved. Self-love and self-respect are the mainstays of any healthy relationship and you need to work with that knowledge in the current situation.


Goddess Aeracura wants you to enjoy your good luck this week. You are being showered with opportunities to shine your brightest and you shouldn’t let go of these. There will be people you meet this week who can see your potentials in very way and encourage you. Listen to their advice and do what is good for you. Engage in activities that make you feel positive about yourself and out your best foot forward in all situations. Feel confident and take risks in matters that you would normally shy away from. This is the tome to blossom and bloom and look your best. Make changes in the way you look by getting a new haircut or re-styling your dressing or enhance your looks by investing in some new fashionable clothes and accessories.


Goddess Aine is pushing you off the edge this week and that shouldn’t scare you honestly but rather get you all excited for all the new things waiting to happen in your life. This week you are being asked to get over your fears and actually try out new ideas, which you have kept in the cans for long. Whatever desires you have, must now be fulfilled. Get ready to do adequate work for the same. The new moon gives you the impetus you need and enhances your excitement to achieve. Take the leap of faith and take a risk. It will be worth your while for sure. 


Goddess Freyja is pushing you forward and take a leap almost like Aine has done for your Cancerian friends. Freyja wants you to take risks and give up old patterns and beliefs that you have been living with all this time. Become bold and let the world see the stuff you are made of. It may make you uncomfortable but that’s what taking risks does. You have stayed sheltered enough and now need to take charge of your own decisions. Don’t keep waiting for others to give you approvals. So what if you are wrong, at least you would have tried. So what of you fail, at least you would have given it a shot and will only become wiser for it.  Take that one big step you have been waiting to take but not wanting to look like a fool in front of others. This week, doing that may just make you look like the smartest one on the planet!


Goddess Vesta (Reversed) The Goddess beckons you to welcome some new developments on the home front this week.  Being a reversed card you are being asked to have a close look after your own security for the future and protect yourself from unhappy situations at home and work. Your peace of mind is most important this time of the New Year and you have all the right to it. The blocks that appear on the home life map must be tackled for once and for all, not allowing them to fester and keep damaging your physical, mental and emotional space repeatedly. Welcome only the positive in your home from now on. Positive people, ideas, good energies and cleanse the spaces you use, with the help of smudging (burning of peppermint, sage, thyme, rosemary etc. along with camphor and taking the smoke through all rooms of the home/office).  Heal situations that have been damaging your home and hearth. It is a good time to move to a new place that you can call home and perhaps make a new beginning with those who truly love and care for you.


Goddess Cordelia reiterates last week’s theme of self-care as advised by Goddess Sulis. Look after your health this week by going outdoors. Refresh your mind body and spirit by engaging in activities that help you breathe better and add to your efforts at achieving better health. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, we are being encouraged in this new time to give ourselves a push to initiate new agendas and resolutions; you need to follow that too. Become active and go outdoors because that will open your mind to new ideas and make you creative people even more enlightened and excited about the future plans you have for self.


Goddess Butterfly Maiden reminds you of what you need to transform and change in your life this week. Change sometimes (more often than not) is scary for most people. After all, its like walking into a room full of unknown people and actually do something that you are most fearful of. This week, you need to do exactly that. Move out of your comfort zones in all ways possible. Do things that you have only dreamt of till now but would actually like to try at least once. Stand up and speak on the stage. Let your voice be heard. Come out from behind the curtains and be seen for as you truly are. The stage of being in a cocoon is done with and now you need to show your true colors to all those who matter. And you matter the most. Do it for yourself. Its time you saw your own transformation and appreciated yourself for it.


Goddess Laxshmi showers upon you her bounty and abundance of all good things. There is nothing to worry about and now is the time to let go of all that you have been stressing about. If you have been patiently waiting for any results or answers to some problems, this week is quite the possibility that those matters will move forward in your favor. The wealth that is stuck someplace (debts, loans, returns) will most probably be coming back to you, adding to your purse so now you can enjoy a little more financial freedom and relief from stress. Don’t overspend your wealth this week and keep an eye on unnecessary expenditure though. Stay wise with money matters and don’t go overboard with sharing the bounty just yet, until you have fulfilled your needs first.


Goddess Eireen blesses you this week of the New Year with immense peace and calm within. Make efforts to find the joys in small things and stop stressing about what is yet to show its true self to you. Have patience with your self and with those around you. Everything will unravel in the right time for you to understand, when you are ready for it. Show extra love and care to your family and friends. Learn to find your inner balance through gentle exercise, music and also healthy food and good company. Spend quality time with activities like reading and meditation or playing a sport that shall energize and relax you at the same time.


Goddess Green Tara is feeling rather compassionate and loving towards all Aquarians in this first week of the New Year. Wrap yourself in the warmth of self-love. Do things for yourself that calm you and make you feel loved. Leave the company of people who have been harsh towards you and move on. Resolve to keep away from all foods and habits that serve you no purpose anymore. Your mood swings could be attributed to all of these elements and now you are becoming more sensitive to such vibrations, this week its best for you to come to terms with the changes that you need to bring about and start healing, from within and without. Surround yourself with pretty things; candles, flowers, aromatics, delicious food, pretty pictures and some memories of the times when you felt your best. It’s time you revoked all of these and made new beginnings in the New Year, with a healthier, happier YOU.


Goddess Mawu asks you to travel to different lands and explore what he world has to offer. Go to places you have wanted to visit but not been able to, till now. If you are unable to travel too far away, go to places close by, that connect you to mother earth. Go trekking and walking to nearby hillocks and lakesides. Potter around in your garden and plant some seeds and saplings. Sit under the skies and breathe in the energies of the universe and say your prayers of gratitude. Mother Mawu is asking you to know that you belong to the higher spirit of this universe and perhaps need to be reminded of this truth. If you have been feeling out of sorts for any reason at all, then grounding yourself in the ways shared above, is the best way to feel connected with your true essence once again.