Decoding your August 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your August 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Channelize your energies this month

By Ashtar Tashi  August 7th, 2018

According to your August 2018 horoscope, Mars retrograde will enter Capricorn and influence many planetary movements, with certain planets moving into sun signs. This is the last month for Mars retrograde, which started on June 26. On August 6, Venus will enter Libra, and people will become ready to negotiate, make compromises and indulge in creative and artistic pursuits. On August 7, we will see Uranus retrograde in Taurus, which spells financial freedom. People who have not made their own money will feel compelled to become independent in their financial dealings and start a new venture or business.

Then comes August 11, where the new moon in Leo will help people develop leadership skills, start a result-orientated approach in life, become more self-confident, innovate and hold themselves responsible for achieving a higher standard in life. With the onset of any new moon, you should take a new approach to life and try your hand at unusual things that you haven’t done before. On August 23, the sun enters Virgo, so it’s a good time to get more organised and start paying attention to the details.

Here’s your August 2018 horoscope


Use this month for all forms of purification, especially because of the planetary shifts. Understand the importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit. Connect to your inner mind through meditation, connect to the body through exercise and a healthy diet regime to ensure cleansing and purification. To cleanse the spirit, focus on good charitable deeds and offer yourself to be of service to others.


According to the goddess Ixchel, the Taureans have a similar kind of message which says this is the time for healing. And it will happen if you are not so adamant about things in your life and choose to stop having a "stick in the mud" approach. Taureans have to become more flexible and understand that if you have a problem, you need to deal with it. And if you are not feeling well, you need to seek medical help and not try and self-medicate. Health comes first and no matter how ambitious you are, big dreams won't become reality if your health deteriorates. So this month, focus on your health.


This is the month of achieving whatever you desire only when you share your higher wisdom. You are blessed this month by the wisdom that you have gained in your life and people will be willing to listen to you. Being the communicators in the Zodiac, you should make the most of the this month by communicating your stories to the world.


Cancer, you should use the month of August for forgiveness. There are issues that you are holding onto, perhaps guilt about certain things, so you should let go of it. And stop judging, stop blaming others for things that have happened. Everybody is entitled to make mistakes, there is no point in judging others. You will use the energy of the new moon to let go of the things that are hurting you. It is blocking a lot of good things that are coming your way. Understand the importance of clearance and of unconditional love.


Leos are told by the goddess Freyja to be bold and adventurous. The new moon is an excellent time for Leos to jump into something that they haven't tried it before, be it a hobby, a new business deal or any new idea. You will do well with anything new, so take that risk.


You have been suffering and facing your challenges, but you have to show yourself some love. Towards the end of August, when the retrograde is in Capricorn, it's a very good time for you to make a list of the kind of things you've achieved in life and what hasn't worked out in your favour. Let go of things with compassion. The universe has bigger plans for you, so use this month to replace your pain and anger with gratitude and compassion.


You don't have to back down on anything this month. Use your energies in August to stand up and speak the truth. You are the sun sign of balance and beauty. Do take the initiative to bring balance and beauty back to your life.


Scorpions, use this month to sit back and relax. Do not get worked up and react instantly to every situation; instead, respond by being quiet. This is a month to introspect and think about what's best for you.


This month, you are blessed with inner wisdom, do not listen to hearsay. You know what is best for you. Trust yourself.


Capricorn, whatever is happening around you should make you stronger. If you are going to be weakened by shifts in your surroundings, you are going to fail. You to have come out of your shell and be honest to yourself. You're hiding away from yourself, which might be the reason people are moving away from you.


Aquarius, living in gratitude should be your attitude this month. You and your loved ones are protected. If you are feeling insecure about your loved ones, just remember the universe is looking out for you and it is a blessing.


Pisces is always the wounded healer. You should learn to say 'no'. Learn to draw a fence around your life. "Healer heal thyself" always remember that. Do not go out of the way to heal anybody, sometimes it's fine to not be there for everyone.

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